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Pentatomoidea Species Collected in Beach Drift

    I have only just begun to compile a list of pentatomoid specimens that have been collected in beach drift.  So, for awhile, this list will be very incomplete.  I will be adding new records as I run across them. 


Elasmucha lateralis (Davis, 1912; Myers, 1926, as Meadorus lateralis; Thomas, 1991; Swanson, 2012)


Amnestus pusillus (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1945)
Amnestus spinifrons
(Smith, 1910; Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1920, 1945; Myers, 1926; Jones, 1935; Swanson, 2012)
Cyrtomenus ciliatus
(Torre-Bueno, 1920, as Cyrtomenus mirabilis)
Sehirus cinctus
(Torre-Bueno, 1915)

Pentatomidae: Asopinae

Apateticus sp. (Torre-Bueno, 1915)
Apoecilus bracteatus
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927, both as Apateticus bracteatus; Parshley, 1917, as Apateticus bracteatus; Hussey, 1922, as Apateticus bracteatus)
Apoecilus cynicus
(Needham, 1900, as Podisus cynicus, 1917, as Apateticus cynicus; Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927, both as Apateticus cynicus; Parshley, 1917, as Apateticus cynicus; Hart, 1919, as Apateticus cynicus; Hussey, 1922, as Apateticus cynicus; Blatchley, 1926, as Apateticus cynicus)
Perillus bioculatus
(Hussey, 1922)
Perillus circumcinctus
(Davis, 1912; Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Perilloides circumcinctus)
Perillus exaptus
(Davis, 1912; Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Perilloides exaptus; Parshley, 1917)
Perillus strigipes
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Mineus strigipes)
Podisus brevispinus (Torre-Bueno, 1920, as Podisus modestus)
Podisus maculiventris (Needham, 1900, as Podisus spinosus, 1917, as Apateticus maculiventris; Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Apateticus maculiventris, 1927; Hussey, 1922; Myers, 1926)
Podisus neglectus (Blatchley, 1926, as Podisus fretus)
Podisus placidus (Torre-Bueno, 1927)
Podisus serieventris (Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Apateticus serieventris, 1945)
Rhacognathus americanus (Hussey, 1922)

Pentatomidae: Discocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Pentatominae

Banasa dimiata (Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Banasa dimidiata)
Banasa euchlora
(Olsen, 1923)
Brochymena quadripustulata
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1945)
Chinavia hilaris
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1945, both as Nezara hilaris, 1927, as Acrosternum hilare; Hussey, 1922, as Acrosternum hilare; Blatchley, 1926, as Acrosternum hilare)
Chinavia pennsylvanica
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Nezara pennsylvanica, 1927, as Acrosternum pennsylvanicum)
Chlorochroa persimilis
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Pentatoma persimilis; Hussey, 1922, as Chlorochroa uhleri)
Coenus delius
(Needham, 1900, 1917; Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927)
Cosmopepla lintneriana
(Torre-Bueno, 1915)
Dendrocoris humeralis
(Parshley, 1917)
Euschistus ictericus
(Torre-Bueno, 1915)
Euschistus politus (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927)
Euschistus servus euschistoides (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927, both as Euschistus euschistoides; Hussey, 1922, as Euschistus euschistoides)
Euschistus variolarius (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927, 1945; Needham, 1917; Hussey, 1922)
Holcostethus limbolarius (Torre-Bueno, 1920, as Peribalus limbolarius)
Hymenarcys nervosa (Davis, 1912; Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1927, 1945)
Menecles insertus (Davis, 1912; Hussey, 1922; Myers, 1926)
Mormidea lugens (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1945; Parshley, 1917)
Murgantia histrionica (Jones, 1935)
Oebalus pugnax (Davis, 1912; Jones, 1935, as Solubea pugnax)
Parabrochymena arborea (Jones, 1935, as Brochymena arborea)
Thyanta calceata (Torre-Bueno, 1915)
Thyanta custator (Torre-Bueno, 1915)
Thyanta custator accerra (Hussey, 1922, as Thyanta custator)
Trichopepla semivittata (Torre-Bueno, 1915, 1945)

Pentatomidae: Phyllocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Podopinae

Amaurochrous brevitylus (Smith, 1910, as Amaurochrous parvulus)
Amaurochrous cinctipes
(Torre-Bueno, 1915; Parshley, 1917, as Podops cinctipes; Myers, 1926, as Podops cinctipes)
Weda parvula (Myers, 1926, as Podops parvula)


Acantholomidea denticulata (Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Acantholoma denticulata)
Acantholomidea porosa (Jones, 1935, as Camirus porosus)
Eurygaster alternata (Parshley, 1917)
Stethaulax marmoratus (Davis, 1912)



Corimelaena lateralis (Torre-Bueno, 1920, as Thyreocoris lateralis)
Corimelaena pulicaria
(Parshley, 1917, as Thyreocoris pulicarius; Swanson, 2012)
Galgupha atra
(Torre-Bueno, 1915, as Thyreocoris unicolor; Parshley, 1917, as Thyreocoris ater; Myers, 1926)
Galgupha nitiduloides (Parshley, 1917, as Thyreocoris nitiduloides; Myers, 1926)


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David A. Rider
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updated: 05 February 2013

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