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Biographical Information

    A number of years ago, I began compiling information on the deposition of various heteropterist's collections.  Mainly, this was to help in locating type material for revisionary studies.  In doing so, it became obvious that many modern day workers were interpreting their types incorrectly.  In some cases, museum curators had placed new 'type' labels on specimens.  Many now regard these as holotypes when, in fact, they are still syntypes.  There are even cases where type labels have been added to specimens that cannot possibly be from the type series (wrong locality, wrong sex, etc.).  So, I began making notes on the status of various workers type specimens.  Over time, this project grew, and I began to include more and more biographical information.  Sources of information have come from various obituaries, biographies, and bibliographies, but a few major sources have served as the foundation for this section (see below in list of abbreviations).  A number of current workers have provided papers and information; I thank them.

    I have arranged this information similarly to the bibliography on this site, with a separate page for each letter of the alphabet (according to the last name of the worker).  Clicking on the appropriate letter below will allow you to browse the workers with last names beginning with that letter.  At the top of each page will be a list of workers (an index), which will allow you to skip to straight to the worker in question.

    Again, I appreciate any suggestions, information, and/or photos to incorporate into this site.

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Abbreviations used below:

  • A. Information Sources: H&K = Horn & Kahle, 1935-1937; HN = Heteropteristís Newsletter, 1988; ISCW - Insect & Spider Collections of the World; PI = Palearctic Catalog Instructions. S&S = Schuh & Slaterís World Heteroptera Book, 1995.

  • B. Museum Acronyms: Follow that in the Insect & Spider Collections of the World, or have occasionally been updated to those found in the Palearctic catalog or on the Bishop Museumís Website.

  • C. Type Designations: HT = holotype; LT = lectotype; PT = paratype; PTS = paratypes; ST = syntype; STS = syntypes.

  • Note: The Literature Cited for this Section is presented on a Separate Page.



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