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Pentatomoidea Species Collected in Various Traps

    I have only just begun to compile a list of pentatomoid specimens that have been collected in various kinds of traps (e.g. Japanese beetle traps, pitfall traps, pan traps, malaise traps, and/or Berlese funnel traps).  So, for awhile, this list will be very incomplete.  I will be adding new records as I run across them. 



Amnestus pallidus (Swanson, 2012, pitfall trap, flight intercept trap)
Amnestus pusillus
(Swanson, 2012, flight intercept trap)
Melanaethus robustus
(McPherson & Mohlenbrock, 1976, Berlese funnel)
Microporus obliquus
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap, as Cydnus obliquus)
Nishadana arabica
(Linnavuori, 1993, soil traps)
Pangaeus bilineatus
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap; Lambdin et al., 2003, pitfall trap; Paiero et al., 2003, malaise trap, yellow pan)
Sehirus cinctus cinctus (Swanson, 2012, malaise trap)

Pentatomidae: Asopinae

Perillus strigipes (Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap, as Mineus strigipes)

Pentatomidae: Discocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Edessinae

Paraedessa heymonsi (Silva et al., 1013, malaise trap)

Pentatomidae: Pentatominae

Banasa dimiata (Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap, as Banasa dimidiata)
Dendrocoris humeralis (Paiero et al., 2003, malaise trap)
Dichelops nigrum (Grazia, 1978, malaise trap)
Euschistus ictericus
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)
Euschistus politus
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)
Euschistus servus
(Lambdin et al., 2003, malaise trap)
Glaucias amyoti
(Moeed & Meads, 1987, malaise trap)
Mormidea lugens
(Lambdin et al., 2003, pitfall trap)
Proxys punctulatus
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)
Prytanicoris ambivivens
(Gross, 1978, malaise trap)
Thyanta custator accerra
(Kumar et al., 1976, pit trap, as Thyanta accera)

Pentatomidae: Phyllocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Podopinae

Amaurochrous cinctipes (Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)
Amaurochrous ovalis
(Paiero et al., 2003, yellow pan)


Camirus porosus (Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)



Corimelaena loboprostethia (Swanson, 2012, malaise trap)
Corimelaena nigra
(Swanson, 2012, malaise trap, pitfall trap)
Galgupha nitiduloides
(Froeschner, 1941, Japanese beetle trap)
Galgupha ovalis
(Kumar et al., 1976, pit trap)


Urochela strandi (Ren & Lin, 2003, malaise trap)
Urostylis blattiformis (Ren & Lin, 2003, malaise trap)


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David A. Rider
Professor of Entomology
North Dakota State University
E-Mail: David.Rider@ndsu.edu

updated: 07 November 2014

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