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Purpose of this web site is to provide a general overview of common legal concepts.  It can also supplement law-related courses, especially undergraduate college-level courses.

Although the focus is on agricultural and rural legal topics, many of the subject areas also apply in other situations.

This site is intended for educational purposes only; be sure to seek appropriate professional advice for answers to your specific questions.

The site is organized into two major segments.  The first section is intended to resemble a traditional textbook with topics organized into chapters.  The second section is intended to resemble a reference manual that provides a brief overview of numerous legal topics.

The site is intended to be rich with links to other law-related web sites; click here for a list of some links; other links are included throughout the materials.

This site is still being developed and may never be complete; we expect it to continue evolving as materials are added and revised.  One of the strengths of this technology is the ability to add, change and improve at a very low cost; we intend to make the most of that capability. 

Your e-mail comments on how to improve this web site are welcome.  For example, what additional topics would be helpful?  What points need to be added, expanded, updated or clarified?  Are there examples of court cases, statutes, or regulations that would clarify the explanations?

We invite instructors of law-related courses and legal professionals to contact us about this site if you have are interested in using or contributing to this site.  Click here for more information about contributing/collaborating.

Last updated September 17, 2009

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