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This web page links to brief overviews of various legal topics; use this page as you would use an index to a reference manual.

Reference Topics

"Act of God" Clause (Red River Commodities v. Eidsness)
Adverse Possession

Basic Legal Principles

Common Law
Comparative Negligence
Conversion (Harwood State Bank v. Charon)
Contract -- Impossibility of Performance (Red River Commodities v. Eidsness)
Contract -- Negotiations (Dahl v. Messmer)
Contract -- Tortious Interference with (Bismarck Realty Company v. Folden)
Criminal v. Civil Court Cases

Debtor-Creditor -- Basics of Finance Law


Easement and Profit

Estate Tax, Introduction to
Eminent Domain
Employment -- Safe Work Environment (Johansen v. Anderson)
Endangered Species - Habitat
Equitable Apportionment; Allocating Interstate Water
Executive Branch; Overview of Government
Exempt Property

Federal Reserved Water Rights
Fee Simple Determinable
Fiduciary Responsibility
Fixtures (Schwend v. Schwend)
Food Additives and GRAS
Food Law, History of US


Gift Tax, Introduction to
Goverment, Overview of

History of US Food Law

Immunity for Emergency Assistance (GOOD SAMARITAN ACT)
Implied Trusts (Zundel v. Zundel)
Impossibility of Performance -- Contract (Red River Commodities v. Eidsness)

Income Tax, Introduction to
Independent Contractor
Intangible Property (Lake Region Credit Union v. Crystal Pure Water, Inc.)
Intellectual Property
Intestate Succession
Inverse Condemnation

Judicial Branch; Overview of Government

Legislative Branch; Overview of Government

Merger of Property Interests

Mineral Rights - Introduction

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Process

Surface Rights and Mineral Rights

Hunt Oil Company v. Kerbaugh

N.D. Industrial Commission Regulatory Role

Considerations for Mineral Owners

Mineral Lease -- Introduction and Habendum clause

Mineral Lease -- Granting clause

Mineral Lease -- Royalty clause

Mineral Lease -- Saving clauses

Mineral Lease -- Other clauses and Closing Thoughts

North Dakota Sample Mineral Lease

Samples of Additional Mineral Lease Clauses

Considerations for Surface Owners

N.D. Ind. Commission Notice to Surface Owner

Additional Considerations for Individuals Who Own Mineral and Surface Rights

Oil & Gas Terminology

Mineral Rights -- Abandonment of
Mitigate, Duty to

Noxious Weeds, Liability for Spread of (Kukowski v. Simonson Farms, Inc.)

Option to Buy

Parol Evidence Rule
Police Power
Premartial Agreement -- Enforcing
Property -- Application of Several Concepts (Estate of Schatz)
Property -- Intangible (Lake Region Credit Union v. Crystal Pure Water, Inc.)
Property -- Merging Property Interests
Property Division -- Divorce

Quiet Title Action

Regulation as a Taking
Right of First Refusal

Section Lines
Sovereign Immunity
Statute and Regulation, Interaction between

Statute of Frauds
Summary Judgment

Taking, Regulation as a

Taxes, Introduction to Common U.S. Taxes

Torts -- Safe Work Environment (Johansen v. Anderson)
Tortious Interference with a Contract (Bismarck Realty Company v. Folden)
Trial Court Case v. Appellate Court Case

Unjust Enrichment

Water Rights; Federal Reserved
Wilderness Act
"Works Cited" Guidelines

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