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This web page is similar to a table of contents, that is, the material is organized into electronic chapters. This site supports four North Dakota State University courses:  Applied Agricultural Law; Food Safety Regulatory Issues (SAFE 408/608); Food Law (SAFE/AGEC 452/652); and Water Law.  Click on the desired course or scroll down the page to find the desired section.


Applied Agricultural Law

Introduction to Agricultural Law

Introduction to Agricultural Law
Selected Legal Principles

Overview of U.S. Legal System

Researching Legal Information


Concept of Property

Categories of Property

Estates in Property

Concurrent Ownership


Fiduciary Responsibility

Easements, Profits and Licenses

Transferring Real Property by Sale

Transferring Real Property other than by Sale

Creating and Terminating Easements

Limitations on Ownership Rights


Introduction to Torts

Overview, State of Mind, Damages, Defenses

Examples of Torts

Trespass, Nuisance, Noxious weeds, Chemical application, Pollen drift, Entrants, Animals, Professional activities


Description, Purpose, and Examples

Forming a Contract

Explicit and Implied Terms of a Contract

Fulfilling the Contract


Environmental Topics

Soil & Water Resource Use & Conservation

Waste Disposal, Wetlands & Pesticide Application

Business Organizations


Food Safety Regulatory Issues (SAFE 408/608)

Introduction to Food Safety Regulatory Issues

History of US Food Law (sec 1)
Purpose of Food Law (sec 2)
Relevant Agencies and Organizations (sec 3)
Regulatory Strategies (sec 4)
Regulating the Food Processing Sector (sec 5)
Directing Other Sectors of the Industry (sec 6)
Concluding Thoughts (sec 7)
Summary (sec 8)


Food Law (SAFE/AGEC 452/652)

Introduction to Food Law
Concerns about Food Safety
Overview of Key Points

US Food System
Scope of the Challenge:  Farm-to-Table

How US Law is Created

Finding US Food Safety Law Information

Overview of US Food Law

History of US Food Safety Regulation

Overview of US Strategy

Adulterated Food

Misbranded Food

Government "Players" in US Food Law

US Agencies Involved in Food Safety
International Response to Food Safety Concerns

Requirements of Food Businesses

Production Sector (Pre-harvest)

Processing Sector (Post-harvest)

Food Service and Retail Sector; Final Preparation (Food Code)

Producer/Processor/Preparer Liability

Looking Forward/Future Issues


Water Law


Riparian Rights Doctrine

Prior Appropriation Doctrine

Origin Of Doctrine

Requirements of Diversion and Beneficial Use

Determining Priority

Water to be Appropriated

Other Attributes of Doctrine

Regulation of Appropriated Water

Loss of Right to Use Appropriation

Transfer of Water Right

Reuse of Water


Interstate Allocation of Water

Federal Reserved Rights, etc

Water Distribution Organizations

Water Quality, Drainage, etc



Last updated January 12, 2011

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