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Records Management


NDSU Records Management Oversight

The Information Technology Division is responsible for oversight of NDSU's Record Management Program with Theresa Semmens as Director of Records Management.  CeCe Rohwedder, Assistant to VP of IT, serves as Records Management Coordinator.  Michael J. Robinson, Associate Library Director and Theresa Semmens serve as the co-chairs of the Records Management Task Force.  The task force will work with the NDSU Director of Records Management to propose and coordinate changes in policy and procedure as related to NDSU Policy 713, Records Retention.

At the moment the best way to reach Records Management is through e-mail to, or Theresa can be contacted directly by emailing, and CeCe can be reached by emailing

NDSU Records Management Task Force

In May of 2007, the Presidents Cabinet approved the establishment of a Records Management Task Force to bring NDSU further into compliance with North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) 54-46, NDCC 44-04-18, NDCC 12.1-11-05 and NDCC 55-02.1-05 per NDSU policy 713.  As a state institution, all records produced in the daily course of business at NDSU are subject to state and federal laws/regulations, including retention and disposal.

List of Unit Records Coordinators

These are our current Unit Records Coordinators. Please contact the Records Management Coordinator, if you have any corrections or additions to the list.

NDSU Policy Section 713, Records Management, provides guidelines and procedures for the management, retention and disposal of records that have been identified and defined. 

To identify records and their respective retention periods please refer to:

Use this resource to determine the appropriate disposal process:

For more information on records retention please visit:

If you have a question, visit the Frequently Asked Questions, .  If the question has not been published, please contact Theresa Semmens or CeCe Rohwedder.

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Fiscal Year Records Disposal

The records disposal actions required for the current fiscal year must be completed this spring. At NDSU, this process is facilitated by the Unit Records Coordinators, who will collect the disposal information for their units and submit it to NDSU’s Director of Records Management by May 30, 2015.

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