Lauren Brewer

B.S. Archaeology, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Anthropology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested in historical archaeology. I have an interest in both 19th and 20th-century archaeological sites in the United States. I want to include collaboration and descendant communities in the research I do and see how it can be included generally in the field of archaeology.

Susmita Das Mumu

B.A. Sociology, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am passionate about investing the complex dynamics of social inequality, migration, and environmental sociology. With a strong commitment to advancing our understanding of these critical issues, I am dedicated to conducting research that fosters positive societal change and equitable outcomes.

Tyrel Iron Eyes

B.A. Anthropology, North Dakota State University
Anthropology Graduate Student
Research Interests: I am interested in Indigenous self-determination, identity, and cultural revitalization and preservation, primarily as they relate to the Oceti Sakowin though not limited to that sole nation. My current focus is Tribal Historic Preservation Offices and how they incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing into non-Indigenous systems.

Philomena Obeng

B.S.c. Development Studies, Valley View University, Ghana
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested in exploring the emotional and psychological challenges that first-time mothers face when transitioning into motherhood. My focus is to gain understanding of how support and interventions are tailored to promote the health and well-being of both first-time mothers and their children.   

Mahratun Samha

B.S.S, Sociology, University of Dhaka
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I have always been curious about how a child perceives social systems. Social psychology and sociolinguistics are my core areas of passion. I am also interested in the sociology of education, as it can develop my insights about how to make a curriculum and a learning system more efficient. An education system works with the psychological and language development of a child and that is how I connect all my areas of interest.

Gayathri Selvaraj

M.A. Economics, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai
B.Com (Business Analytics), PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I'm an International student from Tamil Nadu, India. Having completed Commerce and economics degrees with focus on Research methods, Statistics, Data collection, Analysis, and Interpretation along with relevant projects my area of interest includes Poverty, Inequality, Gender, Race, Population Health, and Social Psychology.

Emily Vieweg

M.F.A. Creative Writing, Lindenwood University
B.A. Psychology, Lindenwood University
Sociology | Women & Gender Studies Graduate Student
Research Interests: I am interested in many aspects of Social Inequality in the US: Single-Parent Families, LGBTQ+ Rights, Mental Healthcare Disparities, Disabled Rights and Advocacy, and Access to Healthcare; also, Feminist Theatre and Equitable Access to Performing Arts. Many of these overlap into policy, public health, education, and a host of other issues that interest me. I am a member of Staff Senate, Pride Network, Pride Alliance, Safe Zone, Including U, and Community of Respect on campus.

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