Community Development

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What is Community Development?

Community development is a process that aims to improve the economic, social, and environmental well-being of a specific geographic area or a group of people within that area. It is a multi-disciplinary field that involves collaborative efforts by individuals, organizations, and communities to address local challenges, enhance quality of life, and promote sustainable development

Why choose Community Development?

Choosing a Community Development minor at NDSU offers a unique and impactful opportunity to deepen your understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing communities. With a focus on practical skills, sustainable development, and empowerment, this program equips you to make a real difference in the world. NDSU's strong commitment to community engagement and its supportive faculty will provide you with the guidance and resources needed to succeed in this field. Whether you're passionate about social justice, sustainable development, or improving the well-being of local communities, a Community Development minor at NDSU is a rewarding choice that can open doors to diverse career opportunities while making a positive impact on society.


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