Cultural Diversity Minor
Why Minor in Cultural Diversity?

• The courses in this minor provide tools to help students better understand individual
  and societal experiences of diverse cultures because our communities, workplaces,
  and schools increasingly consist of various cultural groups.
• Careers in modern society mean that you will be working in collaborative teams with
  people of a variety of cultural backgrounds. In this minor you will gain Knowledge
  and skills to critically think about issues of diversity.

Overview of the Cultural Diversity Minor

The minor is administered by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
The courses aim to strengthen students’ understanding of how race, class,
gender, ethnicity, nationality and sexuality interact to define identities and shape
social relations. The goal of the minor is to bring cohesion to a variety of courses
selected to increase students’ critical thinking about issues of diversity. The minor
requires 12 credits of foundational and core courses and six elective credits.


Use the skills you gain in the Cultural Diversity Minor to enhance your major,
meet other students, get involved in your community and explore the world.

• Collaborate with community partners through off-campus experiential
  learning activities and internships.
• Engage with diverse cultures through study abroad programs and field
  school opportunities.

Curriculum Requirements


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