DIRT Workshop Event

DIRT Workshop Information from 2020

The DIRT Workshop focuses on innovative practices in soil health, research guiding management recommendations and technology available to support on-farm application.  Soil health experts are brought together to share information during a VIRTUAL event hosted LIVE by Tim Hammerich, Soil Sense podcast, and Dr. Abbey Wick, NDSU Extension Soil Health.

Prior to the virtual event, you’ll get exclusive information during the “7 Days to Prepare for DIRT”.  This includes daily emails starting on December 1, with links to videos, podcast episodes and online written materials.  Daily content will take 20 minutes or less to view, listen to or read.

During the LIVE-hosted virtual event, you’ll get to (1) view new field videos recorded in 2020 of research plots and on-farm soil health approaches, (2) interact with farmer, researcher and consultant panels, (3) join discussion groups and hang out in a virtual hallway and (4) visit a Virtual Exhibit Hall with a LIVE chat function and message center for sponsors and exhibitors.

After the virtual event, you’ll still have access to the event webpage to re-watch material recorded during the live-hosted event and also dive deeper into additional content we’ll post throughout the winter.  Don’t worry, we’ll send you links to the new content we post!

Video Playlists from DIRT Workshop 2020