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We believe that building healthier soils is not just a prescription, but rather a pursuit. This journey requires collaboration, curiosity, and communication among farmers, agricultural researchers, agronomists, consultants, and extension. You’re going to hear their stories and discover how and why they’re working together to make sense out of what’s happening in the soil.

– Tim Hammerich, Future of Agriculture Podcast Host

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Episode 1 – A Legacy of Conservation with Bob Radcliffe


We often talk on this show about soil health being a journey. Well today’s guest has been on that journey as a farmer for over 75 years. Bob Radcliffe grew up on a farm near Lennard, North Dakota in the 20s and 30s, then served in the United State Marine Corps during World War 2 and returned full time to the farm in the 1940s. Since that time he has been farming and raising livestock for over 75 years. Now at age 99, his grandson, Chris Walberg, has taken over the farm. It was really a treat to get to sit down with both Bob and Chris for this episode.

“We had a love for the land. It’s been in the family for five generations. We have 1891 tax returns for this land…..and so there’s not many farms that have stayed in one family that long… if you love what you’re doing, it’s never work. And that’s really been the story.” – Bob Radcliffe

In his lifetime, not only has Bob witnessed the mechanization of agriculture, but he was very early in the adoption of soil conservation practices. We talk about his history on the farm, the challenges of taking care of the land, innovations and changes that have happened over the past seven decades, and what wisdom he’d like to share with other farmers interested in soil health.

“(He has given) me a lot of advice and his wisdom over the years of what he’s experienced in his lifetime. It’s really been a benefit to me, particularly in soil…. We’re doing a lot of different things trying to improve our soil health and make the land better for the next generation and hopefully make a profit at the same time.” – Chris Walberg

This Week on Soil Sense:

Meet Bob Radcliffe, a North Dakota farmer with a lifetime of stories to share Explore the many advances and adaptations Bob has incorporated into his operation Discover words of wisdom that only decades of experience can offer

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