Soil Health Team

Main Campus

Dr. Abbey Wick

Associate Professor of Soil Health-Extension

Dr. Wick received her PhD in 2007 from University of Wyoming and was research faculty at Virginia Tech from 2008 to 2012. She has extensive experience in working with landowners and industry on issues ranging from soil nutrient cycling and physical limitations of soils on crop production to best management practices for reclaiming mined lands.

Phone: 701-850-6458


Dr. Caley Gasch

Asst. Professor of Soil Science – Soil Health

Professional interests:

Soil ecology and aboveground-belowground linkages
Spatial and temporal analysis of soil properties, vegetation, and ecosystem processes
Restoration, reclamation, and monitoring of degraded soils

Phone: 701-231-7993


Carrington Research Extension Center

Dr. Jasper Teboh

Soil Scientist

Dr. Teboh graduated from NDSU in 2007 with a PhD in Soil Science and worked as a Research Associate in the School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences at Louisiana State University from 2007 to 2012. Dr. Teboh specializes in the areas of soil fertility and nutrient management.

Phone: 701-652-2951


Teboh CV

Hettinger Research Extension Center

Dr. Ben Geaumont

Asst. Professor of Wildlife and Range Science

Dr. Geaumont received his PhD in 2009 from NDSU and worked as a post-doctorate research fellow at the Hettinger REC from 2009 to 2011. His research focuses on the interactions between wildlife and agriculture and the thresholds between the two.

Phone: 701-567-4323


Geaumont CV

Langdon Research Extension Center

Naeem Kalwar

Extension Soil Health Specialist

Mr. Karlwar received his MS in Land Resource Science from the University of Guelph in Ontario in 2010. He has experience preventing and mitigating soil salinity and sodicity and management practices to improve soil health and management.

 Phone: 701-256-2582


Langdon REC