Mission and Vision

We help students with self-discovery by promoting healthy relationships in an inclusive environment. We provide engagement opportunities for students to develop a passion for lifelong learning so they will positiviely impact their communities.

We live this mission by supporting student organizations, the Campus Attractions programming board, Fraternity and Sorority Life, leadership programs, community engagement programming, student employment opportunities, and off-campus living resources.

Departmental Goals
  • Self-Discovery 
    Students will learn to recognize and become authentic versions of themselves through ongoing self-discovery and well-being development. Students will begin to develop their sense of purpose through interactions with others, reflection, exploring their identities and examining core values. Students practice well-being in recognition of the importance of personal life satisfaction, having one’s human rights and needs met, and one’s contribution to the community.  
  • Create Connections
    Students will enrich their lives through creating connections and developing healthy relationships. As students identify potential professional and personal connections they wish to foster, they will demonstrate empathy for the feelings and experiences of others, define their personal boundaries, and implement effective communication strategies. Students will manage conflict in a way that emphasizes well-being and promotes a community of mutual respect. 
  • Inclusive Communities 
    Students will take actions toward creating inclusive communities where all members are valued and empowered to be their authentic selves. By embracing diversity in its various forms and functions and understanding the impact of bias on personal and systemic power and privilege, students will foster communities of belonging. Students will acknowledge the inequalities that impact both individuals and communities and will work to contribute to communities that meet the needs of all members.
  • Lifelong Learning
    Students will become lifelong learners gaining knowledge and skills leading to continuous growth and development. They will develop as learners by exploring strategies that work best for them and by thinking critically about sources of information. Through the application of learning across multiple contexts, students will adapt to an ever changing world.
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