Welcome to the Student Activities Office!

Learning isn't limited to the classroom. Make the most of your NDSU experience.

The Student Activities Office is here to further advance the mission of North Dakota State University by engaging and empowering student potential so as to foster personal leadership development, diversity appreciation and positive social and personal growth.

Studies show that students who are involved during their college years look back on the experience and attest to gaining knowledge and satisfaction associated with that involvement. Students who are more often engaged in their community manage their time better and make connections that often last a life-time. By combining your skills developed through campus and community involvement with the knowledge you are gaining in the classroom, you will become much better prepared for your future endeavors! -- John Gardner, author of Your College Experience: Strategies for Success


Engagement Opportunities We Provide

Campus Attractions

Campus Attractions is the student programming board that offers the NDSU community educational, cultural, social, and recreations opportunities.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement programming focuses on efforts supporting the common good through social justice, electoral participation, and advocacy offerings.

Club Sports

Club Sports are for students who love a sport but are not competing at the formal collegiate level.

Commuter Student Resources

Commuter Student Resources aid the transition to campus life for students not living on campus.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life has been part of our campus since 1913. NDSU has national sororities and fraternites that offer leadership, scholarship, service, and brotherhood/sisterhood opportunities.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development provides interactive programs and workshops to enhace real-world skills and career readiness.

Student Employment

Student Employment opportunities give professional development experience with pathways for promotion.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations offer growth, leadership skill development, and social engagement opportunities. NDSU has more than 250 groups from which to choose.

Volunteer Network

Volunteer Network fosters connections between NDSU students, faculty and staff, and community partners through community service.

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