Campus Planning Principles
  1. NDSU must maintain ownership of its land.
  2. NDSU should acquire control or ownership of lands at its perimeter, particularly along the East side of University Drive and the South side of 12th Avenue.
  3. NDSU may lease land or facilities to private entities for development consistent with the University's mission and master plan.
  4. Mixed-use development should be the standard for new projects on the NDSU campus.
  5. Loop road perimeter access using University Drive, 18th Street N., and 19th Avenue N. should be developed with access to parking available from the loop.
  6. The NDSU campus should become a model laboratory for the state and region by demonstrating planning practices, energy, and resources conservation and environmental preservation.
  7. NDSU should adopt a "three alternative" planning process.

December 15, 1992; Amended March 19, 1993

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