Campus Signage

Campus signage - all signs and symbols that provide direction and identify buildings,sites, and functions on the NDSU campus for members of the University community and visitors.

Criteria for Campus Signage:

  1. All signage must be a common standard, must conform to all safety and access requirements and be visible both night and day.
  2. The common signage standard must be approved by the Space and Facilities Committee.
  3. The Director of Physical Plant must approve all expenditures for campus signs.
  4. The campus signage standard must take into account:   
    4.1  aesthetics    
    4.2  campus traditions    
    4.3  visual and communicative clarity    
    4.4  cost
  5. Signage standards must apply to all permanent signs, exterior and interior, that are fixed to campus facilities and/or placed on campus grounds.
  6. The signage standard will be applied to all new and replacement signs.
  7. The signage standard must comply with state and federal regulations regarding access for handicapped persons.
  8. All entrances to the campus must have directional signs.
  9. Buildings must be identified/signed first by building name and may be identified by function.
  10. Existing campus signage should be assessed and improvements made relative to a common standard.
  11. The Campus Space and Facilities Committee may approve exceptions to the campus signage standards.

December 15, 1992; Amended March 19, 1993

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