Ag Systems Management Courses

ASM 115 - Fundamentals of Agricultural Systems Management - 3.00 credits: Overview of agricultural systems management; engines, machinery, structures, electricity, processing, and conservation. 3 lectures. Coreq: MATH 103 or 104 or 107.

ASM 125 - Fabrication & Construction Technology - 3.00 credits: Introduction to materials, methods, and tools used in fabrication, installation, and maintenance of agricultural production and processing facilities. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory.

ASM 225 - Computer Applications in Agricultural Systems Management - 3.00 credits: Application and use of software for problem solving, reporting, and graphical communication. 2 lectures. Prereq: CSCI 114 or CSCI 116 or MIS 116. Co-req: MATH 105, MATH 107 or MATH 146Class Schedule

ASM 264 - Natural Resource Management Systems - 3.00 credits: General principles of management of natural resource systems including hydrology, soil erosion, irrigation, drainage, wetlands, and water quality. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: MATH 103, 104 or 107. Cross-listed with NRM and SOIL.

ASM 264L - Natural Resource Management Systems Lab- 1.00 credit: Laboratory to complement concepts introduced in ASM 264. Topics include land survey, maps, rainfall and runoff, erosion control, drainage and irrigation, and costs and returns. Co-req: ASM 264 or NRM 264 or SOIL 264. Prereq: Students must be ASM majors only.

ASM 291 - Seminar (Addititve Manufacturing/3D Printing) - 1.00 credits:  Overview of additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Will have hands on printing projects and lecture about industry use of additive manufacturing.

ASM 323 - Post-Harvest Technology - 3.00 credits: Principles and management of crop and feed storage, handling, drying, processing, and crop/feed systems siting, planning, and development. 3 lectures. Prereq: MATH 103 or 104.

ASM 354 - Electricity and Electronic Applications - 3.00 credits: Fundamentals and applications of electricity, power distribution, controls, motors, and solid-state electronics. For non-engineering majors. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: Junior standing, MATH 103 or 104.

ASM 368. Structures and Environment Systems - 3.00 credits: Study of environmental needs of animals and bioproducts, control of building environments, construction materials, framing systems, and functional planning for biosystem structures. 3 lectures. Prereq: MATH 103 or MATH 104.

ASM 373 - Tractors & Power Units - 3.00 credits: Theory and principles of operation, use, maintenance, repair, and selection of tractors and power systems. Includes engines, transmissions, fuel, lubrication, hydraulics, traction, and electrical systems. 3 lectures. Prereq: MATH 103 or 104.

ASM 374 - Power Units Laboratory - 1.00 credit: Laboratory to complement concepts introduced in ASM 373. Topics include engine systems, operation, adjustment, maintenance, repair, measurement, and testing. 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: MATH 103 or 104.

ASM 378 - Machinery Principles and Management - 3.00 credits: Principles of agricultural machinery manufacture, sales, operation, and management. Topics include selection, replacement, operation, application, and maintenance. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: MATH 103 or 104.

ASM 429 - Hydraulic Power Principles and Applications - 3.00 credits: Study of fluid power principles, components, schematics, and systems. Emphasis is on proper use, maintenance, and applications of hydraulic power equipment. Prereq: PHYS 211, Junior standing.

ASM 468 - Landscape Irrigation Design - 2 Credits: Students will learn the basic issues of water resources, water management, and irrigation system design. 2 lectures. Prereq: Junior standing. Cross-listed with PLSC 468. F (odd years).

ASM 469 - Landscape Irrigation Installation and Management - 2 Credits: Irrigation system installation, winterization, start-up, troubleshooting, renovation, and drainage. 2 lectures. Prereq: Junior standing. Cross-listed with PLSC 469. S (even years).

ASM 475 - Management of Agricultural Systems - 2.00 credits: Capstone learning experience involving team solution to problems in agricultural systems management. Oral and written communications are emphasized. 2 lectures. Prereq: Senior standing.

ASM 496 - Field Experience (Ag Tech Expo) - 1.00 credit: Agricultural Technology Exposition.Create a display of current or emerging Agricultural Technology and show it at theAg. Tech. Expo.

ASM 496 - Field Experience (Internship) - 1.00 credit

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