ABEN Graduate Students Association is a student organization comprised of graduate students from the ABEN, NRM, and ECS programs. The purpose of this organization shall be to establish closer bonds for the mutual benefit of those in Engineering disciplines, such as Agricultural, Food, and Biological, as well as those in the profession of Natural Resource Management (NRM) and ECS (Environmental and Conservation Sciences). This association is a great opportunity and resource for personal and professional development for graduate students of those programs.


Dr. Xinhua Jia, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, 1-6453 


  • Once a quarter; announcements will be posted


  • To establish a closer bond between the students from the ABEN department and NRM/ECS program
  • To assist incoming/present graduate students in three programs to be successful academically and professionally
  • Establish and promote a friendly and welcoming atmosphere conducive to the educational and social growth of all graduate students in the ABEN, NRM, and ECS programs.

Major Activities

  • To fulfill the goals, ABEN Graduate Student Association hosts social and volunteering events throughout the year
  • This association provides the opportunity to improve research skills, share professional improvement ideas, and expand our network amoung graduate students

Membership Requirements

Membership shall consist of three classes, namely, Honorary, Alumni, and Active.

  • Honorary members shall be selected based on successful achievements in ABEN
  • Active members shall be graduate students enrolled in the ABEN department or affiliated with the ABEN (NRM and ECS grads) in which the Chapter resides
  • Alumni members of a chapter are those who:
    • have been active members of the chapter
    • attained at least a graduate degree
    • and have left the institution

How to Join

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