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This six-word motto is central to the mission of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (AES). Our research goals are to find solutions and discover opportunities that enhance the quality of life, sustain food, feed, fiber and fuel production, and protect our heritage - the great land and resources of North Dakota. 


The North Dakota AES develops and shares technology and information important to these goals. The research projects throughout the North Dakota AES are poised to meet the many challenges and opportunities that North Dakota faces in economic development, land and water use, crop and livestock production, value-added activities, and food quality and food safety. 

Researchers are associated with on-campus departments and one school within the NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources or with off-campus Research Extension Centers strategically placed through-out the state. The researchers of the Agricultural Experiment Station work interactively on applied, basic and advanced research that contributes to the mission.

We are committed to research that will allow North Dakotans to succeed in this new century, a commitment achieved by addressing their local, regional, national and global information and technology needs.   

- Greg Lardy, Director, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station


If you want to conduct research that enhances the economic development, quality of life, sustainability of production and protection of the environment while impacting agriculture’s $30.8 billion economic contribution to North Dakota, then explore a career with N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station.

NDSU Employment Opportunities

AES Director's Office

Mailing address:

NDSU Dept. 7500, PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
United States

Physical Address:

Morrill Hall 315, NDSU
Fargo, ND 58102

Name Position Email Phone
Headshot of Sikiru Adeniyi Atanda
Atanda, Sikiru Adeniyi Big Data Predictive Modeler
Headshot of Frank Casey
Casey, Frank Associate Director, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station
Faller, Timothy Emeritus Assistant Director, NDAES
Headshot of Bob Fedor
Fedor, Bob AES Software Developer
Headshot of Didier Murillo Florez
Florez, Didier Murillo NDAES Big Data Research Statistician Developer
Headshot of Ana Maria Heilman Morales
Heilman-Morales, Ana Maria Director - Big Data Pipeline Unit
Kumar, Vimlesh Extension Application Development and Analytics Engineer
Headshot of Greg Lardy
Lardy, Greg Joe and Norma Peltier VP for Agriculture; Dean-CAFSNR; Dir-NDAES; Dir-Extension
Headshot of Erin McCall
McCall, Erin Administrative Assistant
Headshot of Lane O'Brien
O'Brien, Lane Big Data Hardware & Software Specialist
Headshot of Janelle Quam
Quam, Janelle Assistant to the NDSU Vice President for Agriculture
Reinholz, Aaron Ag Technology Executive Project Manager
Headshot of Souradip Roy
Roy, Souradip Big Data Software Engineer
Schatz, Blaine Assistant Director
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