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Agriculture Applied Podcast

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Agriculture Applied: Innovate Relate Create with NDSU Extension

Grab a cup of joe and settle in to ponder innovative ideas with today’s producers and NDSU Extension Specialists. Join NDSU Extension Agent Hannah Nordy in reflecting on generational changes which can help us create a better tomorrow.


Low Stress Cattle Handling | ft. Curt Pate
Using CHAPS Record System to Strengthen your Herd | Ft. Lee Tisor, Zac Carlson, and Aaron Subart
Part 2 Succession Planning: Navigating Tough Family Conversations
Part 1 Succession Planning: Navigating Tough Family Conversations

Mix’n up Cattle Rations | Ft Janna Block and Zack Carlson
Let's Talk: Debunking Mental Health
Direct Meat Sales | Part 2 | "Got Beef?" Purchasing from Ranchers
Discovering Regenerative Agriculture | Unpacking the Regenerative Organic Certification | Ft. Dave Vetter & Steve Swinger
Direct Meat Sales | Part 1 | "Got Beef?" Selling Direct to Consumers
Discovering Regenerative Agriculture | Ft. Erin and Drew Gaugler | Bale Grazing
Intercropping – A new old idea / Ft. Justin Jacobs
Discovering Regenerative Agriculture / Ft. Gabe Brown
NEW SERIES! | Discovering Regenerative Agriculture | Ft. Karl Hoppe

Increasing Sheep Producers Profit Margin
The Nitty Gritty on Nitrates