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Renville-Bottineau Agricultural Improvement Association



1. To promote every legitimate interest of the seed growers and livestock in the counties and to maintain the standing and reputation of the members of this Association as reliable seed growers and stock breeders.

2.  To foster and develop the use of pure seed and the distribution of such products and to further the adoption and use of purebred sires of all classes of livestock in the herds of the counties.

3.  To aid in the control of such destructive livestock diseases as Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Hoof and Mouth, Rabies and other diseases affecting the livestock industry.

4.  To aid other organizations sponsoring agricultural events.

5.  To raise the standard of living of farm families.

6.  To promote 4-H club work, FFA, Homemakers and other rural community and urban organizations.

7.  To select and sponsor delegates to the annual North Dakota Agricultural Recognition Day at NDSU (Harvest Bowl).



1. Sponsors of educational tours and meetings with cooperation of Renville County Extension and other organizations of Renville County.

2.  Sponsors of annual Renville County Crop Tour. In 1998 a permanent variety plot in the county was established.

4.  Sponsors of a $250 scholarship to Renville County youth at a qualified school of agriculture or home economics.

5.  Acts in an advisory capacity for the Extension program on county planning committee.

6.  Sponsors of the North Central Seed Show and Ag Expo and donors of cash premiums and sweepstakes award.

7.  Supporters of the Renville County 4-H programs and their events.

8.  Member of the North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association.

9.  Honorees of NDSU Harvest Bowl

10. Pioneer Award

11. Distribution of new seeds