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Home Garden Variety Trials

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Join our Team!

North Dakota State University is looking for gardeners to help evaluate vegetable and flower varieties in their gardens.

All gardeners in North Dakota are eligible to participate! We also work with gardeners in nearby counties of surrounding states/provinces.

This project is a research program, not a seed store. You must agree to manage your trials in a responsible manner and report your results to NDSU. For our part, we have made the trials simple and fun! Please agree to this pledge:

I promise to manage my trials in a responsible manner. I will grow the seeds of both varieties, evaluate the varieties, and submit my results promptly. 

Please click the Join Our Team button below, if you agree.

Download our Catalog

You can choose from over 30 trials of vegetables and flowers.

Cover of the North Dakota Home Garden Variety Trials 2023 Catalog


Seeds are shipped within two business days. Seeds are available until June 15.

2023 Recommendations

For more information, please contact Tom Kalb, Department of Plant Sciences. 


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Tom Kalb, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University
2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 304
Bismarck, ND 58503