Annual Cover Crop Options for Grazing and Haying in the Northern Plains

(R1759, Revised June 2020)

The purpose of this publication is to provide annual forage options that can be used in cover crop mixtures for livestock grazing and/or hay production. The use of cover crops in a cropping rotation has been resurrected in recent years due to greater awareness of their environmental and ecological impacts on our natural resources.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
Kevin Sedivec, Rangeland Management Specialist, NDSU Extension
Other Authors

Miranda Meehan, Livestock Environmental Stewardship Specialist, NDSU Extension; Erin Gaugler, Range Research Specialist, Central Grasslands Research Extension Center, NDSU Extension; Marisol Berti, Forage and Biomass Crop Production Professor, NDSU Plant Sciences Department; Penny Nester, NDSU Extension Agent, Kidder County

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