Research Focus


  • To develop, modify and adapt systems, devices or tools that can identify, characterize or predict markers for disease and safety in biological systems (animal, plant or food systems). Work on animal systems may be performed with implications for safety and wellness of human systems.

  • To develop devices or integrated systems that work as a first line of alert or detection for disease and/or contamination in food, water, and air to maintain wellness and safety in biological systems.

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  • To understand and document sensing and responding mechanisms and principles adopted by biological entities to external natural stimuli and adversity using nano/micro-technologies and to apply these principles to develop intelligent devices or systems for applications in biological systems.

  • To develop, modify, or adapt devices, processes or systems that interrogate and characterize processes or phenomena in biological systems associated with disease or external stimuli leading to disease as well as safety/wellness hazards.

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The Bioimaging and Sensing Center is a multi-disciplinary research facility in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources at North Dakota State University, Fargo ND.
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