We have a comprehensive infrastructure allowing us to develop, adapt, and evaluate sensors for biological applications (plant, animal or food systems).

  • Hardware includes state-of-the-art computer vision systems, NIR camera, high speed imaging system, ultra-fast multi-spectral imaging system, portable UV (ultra violet), VIS (visible), NIR spectroscopic systems, fiber-optic technology, electrical, electro-mechanical testing, and prototyping equipment are also available.

  • Software allows advanced signal processing and data mining techniques, including expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, neuro-fuzzy system modeling, pattern recognition, and image analysis.




An electro-mechanical prototype designed and built in-house for high speed automated quality evaluation of edible beans using computer vision technology
The Bioimaging and Sensing Center is a multi-disciplinary research facility in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources at North Dakota State University, Fargo ND.
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