• Image Processing

    Avelion (Trademark of Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc)

    Inventions (Trademark of Inventions Ltd.)

    Matrox MIL(Trademark of Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.)

    Matrox MIL Light (Trademark of Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.)

    MATLAB Image Processing(Trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

    Coreco TCIPro(Trademark of Coreco Imaging)

    Java Image Processing(Developed by Bio-imaging & Sensing Center )

  • Neural Network & Statiscal Analysis Tools

    SNNS ( stuttgart neural network simulator)

    Neuralworks Professional II/Plus (Trademark of NeuralWare Inc.)

    Neural solutions (Trademark of NeuralDimension Inc.)

    Neuro Regress ( Developed by Bio-imaging & Sensing Center )

    Neuro Recognition (Developed by Bio-imaging & Sensing Center )

    Matlab Neuralnetwork (Trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

    Matlab Chemometrics (Trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

    Statica DataMiner (Trademark of The StatSoft, Inc)

    The ORL Neural Network Library (Trademark of Hyperlogic Corp.)

  • Signal Processing

    Grams 32 AI (Trademark of Galactic Industries Corp.)

    Matlab signal Processing (Trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

    Matlab Wavelet (Trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

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