Research Output

Intelligent Decision Support Systems

› French Fry

› Oat Kernal

Sensor Sensing Systems

› Quality of Beans

› Sunflower

› Wheat Protein

› Bacterial Contamination in Packaged Food

Intelligent Sensor Systems
  • Intelligent sensing system for detection of pathogen contamination in packaged food
  • On-the-go sensor for protein content determination of wheat (1 Approved US patent)
  • On-the-go sensor for sugar content determination of sugar beet (2 Approved US patents)
  • Fiber optic sensor for spray nozzle monitoring
  • Computer imaging system for spray coverage determination on plant leaves
  • Computer imaging system for quality evaluation of edible beans and canned beans


  • Computer-based decision support system for processing of French fries
    • Color, texture
    • Expert system “Fryblemax” for balancing of potat

Sensors for Production / Post Harvest

  • Sensor for taste and oil of sunflower
  • Artificial nose for animal manure and waste management
  • Portable objective spray coverage evaluation system for scab disease
  • Neural network & image processing for prediction of crop yield
  • Neural network for prediction of crop diseases
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