Billing Corporate (non-student) Accounts

NDSU’s external (i.e. non-student) customers are billed directly by the department providing the product and/or service.  NDSU’s accounts receivable department (i.e. Customer Account Services) is then promptly notified of the transaction so that it may be recorded in Campus Connection as a receivable.  C.A.S. is responsible for sending the customer monthly billing statements, assessing late payment fees, and collecting payment.  To ensure the integrity of financial statements, as well as the timely collection of payment, departments are expected to adhere to this billing process unless specifically granted a pre-approved exception.

NDSU's University Accounts Receivable Policy

Invoicing Process:
1.       Complete the Standard Billing Invoice form.

a.       Enter the department and contact information near the header on the first page of the form.
b.       Enter the customer’s name and address.
c.       Select today’s date.
d.       Select charge or credit.
e.       Enter the customer’s seven (7) digit identification number.
f.        Insert an invoice number that uniquely identifies the department.
Most invoice numbers contain a letter representing the department.  Please confirm with C.A.S. that you are not using the same invoice number sequence as another NDSU department.

g.       For each charge (or credit), enter the item type, a description, and the amount.
h.       Enter the department’s contact information.

2.       Print the invoice and sign all three copies. 

3.       Distribute the invoice copies – one copy to the customer, one copy to C.A.S. to record in Campus Connection, retain one copy for departmental records.

Click here to view a billing training resource for departments.  If individual instruction is needed, please contact our office to schedule.
Departmental Billing Process

If assistance is needed in locating a customer ID number or determining the appropriate item type, please contact Customer Account Services at (701) 231-8782 or

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