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Invoicing and Billing Accounts

Review NDSU's University Policy on accounts receivable

  • To submit charges for posting please use the Standard Billing Invoice form.

    • Complete the department and contact information on first page of the invoice.
    • Enter the customer’s name and address.
    • Select whether the invoice is for a charge or credit.
    • Be sure to include the customer’s seven (7) digit identification number.

    • Insert an invoice number that uniquely identifies the department.

      • Most invoice numbers contain a letter(s) representing the department, please check with Customer Account Services to ensure you are not using the same invoice number as another department.
      • Credit invoices should reference the original charge invoice in some way.

  • For each charge/credit--enter the Item Type, a description, and the amount.

    • If you do not have an item type set up, or are not sure what it is, please contact Customer Account Services at or ext. 1-8782.
    • Please note that if you are submitting a credit, do NOT use the same Item Type as the original charge. Credits have their own unique Item Types. If you are not sure of your credit Item Type number, please contact us at or ext. 1-8782.

  • Print the invoice and sign the three copies.
  • Please route the copies to the appropriate recipient(s), there is one copy for the customer, one for Customer Account Services, and one for your departments records.

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