Animal Core Facility

The animal Core facility is established to foster excellence in pancreatic cancer research of junior investigators and other biomedical researchers of the campus. 

The Core services include: 

  • Animal care
  • Protocol development
  • Training for researchers
  • Adherence to IACUC regulation 

Animal Core Director
John Wilkinson​​​​​​​

Animal Core Facility Fee Structure


  • Manager:  $34.70/hr
  • Injections: $1.25 each
  • Weights: time
  • Daily welfare/food and water checks: $1/cage/week of study
  • Gavage:  $6 each
  • Blood draw: $6 each
  • Tumor measurements: time
  • Ultrasound: time
  • Organ/tumor harvest: time
  • Protocol/manuscript/grant writing: time
  • Researching and ordering specialty supplies: time

Per Diem

  • .95/day:  includes bedding, food, water, cage washing, room and  IVC rack consumables

CORE Facility will also stock/order commonly-used consumables (upon request).





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