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Expanding Your Horizons Workshops


Expanding Your Horizons 2018 will include the following workshops. View more information about offering a workshop.


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  1. Nursing: The Most Trusted Profession Explore nursing as a vocation to service in the world. Tally Tinjum - Nursing
  2. Make Your Own Microscope  We will be making our own microscopes out of mate- rials you can find at home. After making our microscopes, we will try them out by looking at a variety of organisms and cell types! - Robin Fettig, Hannah Gunderson – Biology
  3. Make Your Own Aspirin We will be synthesizing our own aspirin in the lab by treating salicylic acid with acetic anhydride resulting in aspirin and acetic acid. - Robin Fettig, Hannah Gunderson – Biology
  4. Make Your Own Aspirin We will be synthesizing our own aspirin in the lab by treating salicylic acid with acetic anhydride resulting in aspirin and acetic acid. - Hannah Gunderson, Robin Fettig – Chemistry
  5. Crack the Code Explore the connections between clocks and writing secret messages, and learn how math helps keep information safe. - Julia Walk – Mathematics
  6. The Game of SET Learn how to play the card game SET and some of the math involved in this fun game! - Dan Biebighauser – Mathematics
  7. A Salty Situation Students will study the impacts of pollution on aquatic animals. - Jennifer Sweatman – Environmental Studies
  8. How to Teach a Rat New Tricks You will observe rats who have been trained to press a lever for food and get to experience training rats. - Susan Larson – Psychology
  9. Can Liquids be Magnetic? We will learn the concept of magnetism and work with several magnetic materials. - Thelma Berquo – Physics
  10. Radio Telemetry of Campus Squirrels We conduct radio telemetry to document the location and behavior of red and gray squirrels on the Concordia College campus. - Joe Whittaker, Chloe Whitten, Dianessa Dizon, Beth Ringwelski, Brooke Maruska, Ann Marie O’Connell, Molly Francis – Biology
  11. A-Mazing Experience How quickly can you find your way through a maze? Find out how psychologists study learning conditions. - Peg Potter – Psychology
  12.  The Choice Is Yours Do your decisions involve economics? Let’s analyze your choices and find out! - T.J. Hansen, Gregory Stutes – Economics
  13. Mapping Your World Join us to find the hidden treasure! It’s closer than you think. Kay Anderson – Geographic Information System 
  14. Making Music with Drinking Straws You will learn about the science of waves, and how to use this to make music with straws. - Ananda Shantri – Physics
  15. THINK WILD! What does a wildlife Biologist do for a living? Learn about animals and their adaptations. - Donna Bruns Stockrahm, Tiffany Grieger, Breanna Huynh, Sara Sanderson, Miranda Sater – Biology
  16. Healthcare Career Exploration A behind the scenes look at healthcare opportunities and careers. - Patricia Wetzel – Nursing, Surgery, RT, SIM
  17. Critical Care Nurses Make A Critical Difference Hands-on experience of critical care nurses. Tout ICU and use some equipment. Work out medical equations and discuss the importance of science with a nursing career. - Tami Bigger, Jess Althoff – Nursing
  18. Healthy Women, Healthy Communities Learn about diversity in leadership positions and creating healthy communities through public health with hands-on individual and group activities. - Pearl Walker-Swaney – Public Health
  19. RIP—Rebuild, Iterate, Pulverize Re- purposing materials in architecture can create a positive impact on the environment. Find out how through the RIP method. - Noor Abdelhamid, Dylan Neururer – Architecture
  20. Girls in Engineering Girls will be introduced to cool engineering projects such as unmanned aircraft system (UAS), Internet of Things (loT), and smart mobile video. - Na Gong, Jinhui Wang – Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering
  21. Architecture Is For Everyone An introduction to the world of architecture, how it helps us, and who can participate. -Hannah Langr – Architecture
  22. Assembly Lines with Snacks! A fun and interactive introduction to the assembly line process with snacks. - Nito Yodo, Tanzina Afrin – Industrial Engineering
  23. Space-Making Introducing participants to the design of space and form through space making and drawing exercises. Heather Fischer, Emilee Olstad – Architecture
  24. This Ain’t Your Grandma's Aging Simulation This session will expose students to some of the sensory and mobility issues experienced by many older adults. Andrea Huseth-Zosel, Heather Fuller, Jane Strommen, Melissa O’Connor – Human Development
  25. BABIES! More than Diapers & Drool Learn what it’s like to be a baby researcher! Find out how researchers discover what babies know by studying behavior. - Rebecca Woods, Savanna Jellison, Shea Lammers - Developmental Science & Psychology
  26. Eye-Tracking and Shopping Students will learn about infrared eye-tracking technology and experience it first-hand while looking at images of clothing. - Emma Johnson, Maegan Jones – Human Development & Family Science
  27. Body Positivity & Media Misconceptions We will engage in positive body talk and teach ways to incorporate that into everyday life, as well as analyze images in the media. - Emma Johnson, Maegan Jones, Meghan Yer- hot – Human Development & Family Science
  28. One Day in Another Person’s Shoes Discover some of the everyday challenges a person with a disability faces in an interior environment. - Susan Ray-Degges, Ann Ragan – Interior Design
  29. Musculoskeletal Anatomy 101 Participants will learn about the muscle and skeletal systems with a variety of hands-on activities. - Nikki German, Shannon David – Athletic Training
  30. Color Your World Participants will experiment with textile dye methods and create a project they can take home. - Sara Sunderlin, Linda Manikowske, Ann Braaten, Jaeha Lee – Apparel, Retail Merchandising & Design
  31. Communication Answers from Numbers This workshop will explore the basic processes involved in analyzing social media content to make strategic decisions. Seseer Mou-Danha, Blessing Okafor – Strategic Communication
  32. 3D Printing Workshop Scan an object, manipulate it in Tinkercad, and make a 3D print. - Jacob Clark – Technology
  33. We’re All Aging Experience the aging process through sensory simulation. Learn about the field of aging and health while building empathy for daily lives of older adults. - Gina Aalgaard Kelly – Gerontology, Nursing & Public Health
  34. Placing the Past in Google Street View Using scanners and 100 year old photographs, you will learn how to make the past visible on Google Street view with the website HistoryPin. - Trista Raezer-Stursa, Katrina Burch - Digital Media
  35. Criminal Justice: Beyond CSI This workshop will focus on what criminal justice is and how it is used on a day to day basis. Jenna Borseth, Morganne Behl – Criminal Justice
  36. Generation RX An interactive presentation about the misuse and abuse of prescription medications with games and candy prizes. - Kelsey Narlock, Carolyn Marg, Ellie Tupper – Pharmacy
  37. I Want to Hold Your Hand Learn about the profession of pharmacy and how to make lotions and lip balms using extemporaneous compounding techniques and equipment. - Jeanne Frenzel – Pharmacy
  38. Nursing: Listen, Feel & Pump It Up Find out what it is like to be a nurse: how to take vital signs, check reflexes, listen to hear and lung sounds, etc.! - Aurora Obembe – Nursing
  39. Scratch Workshop Using computers develop a brick game. - Simone Ludwig – Computer Science
  40. Mapping Your Whereabouts You will personalize Google Earth by creating an XML file. - Anne Denton, Megan Bouret – Computer Science 
  41. Insects: The Good, Bad & Ugly Experience and learn amazing things about insects and their relatives. - Deirde Prischmann-Voldseth, Marion Harris – Entomology
  42. Eggs: No Chicken Required Peek inside a developing egg! Join us as we explore the hidden world of a chicken embryo. - Nik Snyder, Wendy Reed – Biology
  43. Creating Tornadoes  Do you want to see how tornadoes form? In a controlled environment, we will set up conditions favorable for tornadoes to form. This will be the closest encounter with a tornado you will ever have. - Adnan Akyuz – Climatology
  44. Physics of Slime & Other Serious Matters  We will explore the physics of slime, ooblek, and other exciting experiments like building circuits and imaging human DNA. - Brianna Santangelo, Mila Kryjevskaia, Lina Alhalhooly, Rachel Downing, Alistair McInerny – Physics
  45. Termite Trails Use experimental design to learn about termite behavior and pheromones. Elisabeth Wilson, Courtney Grula, Joe Rinehart – Biology
  46. Animal Science Learn about production agriculture by touring ANPC and learning about the different animal units and research being done in science at NDSU. - Kacie McCarthy, Laura Grube – Animal Science
  47. Making Better Decisions with Data Learn how data and information can be used to make better decisions, such as which college to choose or which pet is the best for you. - Emily Berg, Heather Retzer – Mathematics & Statistics
  48. Learning About Seeing Participants will learn how the brain incorporates visual information and dissect a real eye! -Shanda Lauer, Nour Al-Abase, McKenzie Mann, Britney Banning – Psychology & Physiology
  49. How Good is Your Memory? Test your memory and explore how easily it can be influenced. - Taylor Nelson, Anna Semanko – Psychology
  50. Friend or Foe: Prisoner’s Dilemma Are you confident your partner in crime would have your back? Find out and earn candy along the way. - Anna Semanko, Taylor Nelson – Psychology
  51. Combinatorics: Counting without Counting We will explore the really cool Catalan numbers, some of the amazing objects they count, along with transformations between them. - Sara Solhjem, Jessical Striker – Mathematics
  52. Eat Your Science We’ll extract DNA from strawberries to learn about DNA: what it is, what it does, and where we find it. - Jenni Momsen, Caitlin Anderson, Rachel Salter, Tara Slominski, Kurt Williams – Biology
  53. What Would You Do? Social Psychologists now what you would do and the truth might just surprise you! - Angela Bagne, Jennifer Redlin – Psychology
  54. See Cancer Cells in Colors Students will stain with fluorescent “colors” different structures in harmless cancer cells and observe them under a microscope. - Estelle Leclerc, Priyanka Swami, Swetha Thiyagarajan – Biology
  55. Challenges and Successes of Women in Science The workshop will introduce the successful women in science (including the Nobel laureates) and describe the usual challenges women face in work places and how those can be overcome. In addition, this will also show how women are good at multi-tasking (how they manage the work-life balance). - Nilushni Sivapragasa – Food Science & Chemistry
  56. The Hidden World of Soils Be a soil scientist for a day as you learn what lives in dirt and make your own soil ecosystem. - Libby Sternhagen, John Baggerly – Biology
  57. Cryptography (Secret Messages) Cryptography is a method of solving codes! Want to keep something a secret then you can use cryptography - Katie Neset, Taylor King – Mathematics
  58. Fun With Polymers Come experience the world of polymers and make glow in the dark slime, casein plastic, and wriggly gummy worms. - Krystal Grieger, Sunanda Neupane – Chemistry
  59. Insect Developmental Biology Girls will get hands-on experience with insects and learn how to set up an experiment. - Kendra Greenlee, Liz Cambron, Kayla Earls – Biology
  60. Protecting Our Pollinators Understand the lives of pollinators and how to help protect their habitats. - Breana Kiser – Biology, Plant Science, Entomology

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