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Expanding Your Horizons Workshops


Expanding Your Horizons 2019 will include the following workshops (This list will be updated soon.). View more information about offering a workshop.


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  1. One Love, One Heart, One Density We will learn about density by conducting experiments: creating test-tube rainbows and discovering objects’ density using various tools from the lab. - Michaela Myhrer, Graeme Wyllie – Physical Science
  2. Nursing: The Most Trusted Profession Explore nursing as a vocation to service in the world. - Tally Tinjum – Nursing
  3. How Much Vitamin C is in My Juice? Using a practice called titrating, we will be able to determine the amount of Vitamin C in both orange juice and Sunny D. - Hannah Gunderson – Chemistry
  4. Synaptic Potential! Measure neuron activity, dissect a mammalian brain, and record zebrafish in action. - Krys Strand, Allyssa Dalen – Neuroscience
  5. Zookeeper for a Day Hands-on learning about the care and enrichment of Concordia’s mini zoo of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and more. - Krys Strand, Allyssa Dalen – Biology
  6. The Game of SET Learn how to play the card game SET and some of the math involved in this fun game! - Dan Biebighauser – Mathematics
  7. Can Liquids be Magnetic? We will learn the concept of magnetism and work with several magnetic materials. - Thelma Berquo – Physics
  8. Fascinating Fractals We’ll make fractals in two and three dimensions, and learn about how fractals connect math, nature, and art! - Julia Walk – Mathematics
  9. How to Teach a Rat New Tricks You will observe rats who have been trained to press a lever for food and get experience training rats. - Susan Larson – Psychology
  10. Radio Telemetry of Campus Squirrels We conduct radio telemetry to document the location an behavior of red and gray squirrels on the Concordia College campus. - Joe Whittaker, Chloe Whitten, Breann Adamek, Mollie Francis, Jenna Stillwell, Sonja Gilie – Biology
  11. You Can Do Rocket Science Explore what makes things fly and try your hand at a launch with a rocket that you design and build (weather permitting). - Steve Lindaas, Jan Glanzer, Melissa Foley, Isobel Snellenberger, Shannon Poppen – Physics 
  12. Making Music with Drinking Straws Learn about the science of waves, and how to use this to make music with straws. - Ananda Shastri – Physics
  13. Mapping Your World Join us to find the hidden treasure! It’s closer than you think. - Kay Anderson, David Kramar, Carol Wickenheiser – GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  14. A-Mazing Experience How fast can you find your way through a maze? Find out how psychologists study learning conditions. - Peg Potter – Psychology
  15. The Choice is Yours Do your decisions involve economics? Let’s analyze your choices and find out! - T.J. Hansen, Gregory Stutes – Economics
  16. Healthcare Career Exploration A behind the scenes look at healthcare opportunities and careers. - Patricia Wetzel – Healthcare: Nursing, Surgery, RT, SIM
  17. Critical Care Nurses Make a Critical Difference Hands-on experience of critical care nurses. See your own heart beat using some ICU equipment. Play some fun interactive games. Work out medical equations and discuss the importance of science with a nursing career. - Tamra Bigger, Jess Althoff – Nursing
  18. Disaster Response Exercise Engage in a mock tabletop exercise that looks to handle a series of events happening to Fargo. - Samantha Montano, Amanda Savitt – Emergency Management
  19. efargo: Recycle, Iterate, Pulverize Workshop led by efargo Team to spread intelligence on clean energy and energy reduction through the use of interactive games and activities. - Amy Mueller, Noor Abdelhamid – Architecture
  20. Assembly Process for Everyone! Join us for a fun and interactive introduction to the assembly line process with a card making group activity. - Nita Yodo, Tanzina Arfin, Arup Dev – Industrial Engineering
  21. Building Material Design & Engineering Learn about different construction materials and put your designs to the test! - Ying Huang – Civil Engineering 
  22. We’re All Aging Experience the aging process through sensory simulation. Learn about the field of aging and health while building empathy for daily lives of older adults. - Gina Aalgaard Kelly – Gerontology, Nursing & Public Health
  23. Strong Women: Clinical Exercise Experiments Experience current technology used in clinical exercise environments that are commonly applied to athletes, astronauts, and everyday people. - Kara Trautman, Donna Terbizan, Stephanie Walzetko – Exercise Science
  24. 3D Printing Workshop Explore the Makerspace and technology! We will 3D Scan an object and 3D print a smaller version of it. - Adam Elznic - Technology
  25. Color Your World Participants will experiment with textile dye methods and create a project they can take home. - Sara Sunderlin – Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
  26. The Importance of Body Positivity This workshop will include several activities (written and in game form) aimed at teaching and promoting body positivity. - Emma Johnson, Kerrie Leonard, Lauren Grant, Victoria Krabbenhoft, Sarah Klein – Developmental Science
  27. An Interactive Eye Tracking Session Learn what an infrared eye tracker is and how it is used with humans to collect data for important research studies. You will be able to see it in action, with you as the participant. - Emma Johnson, Kerrie Leonard, Lauren Grant, Victoria Krabbenhoft, Sara Klein – Developmental Science
  28. Generation Rx An interactive presentation on the misuse and abuse of prescription medications with open discussions and fun games with prizes such as candy. - Andrea Buzakovic, Ellie Tupper, Kate Astrup – Pharmacy
  29. I Want to Hold Your Hand Learn about the profession of pharmacy and how to make lotions and lip balms using extemporaneous compounding techniques and equipment. - Jeanne Frenzel – Pharmacy
  30. Nursing: Listen, Feel & Pump It UP Learn the basics of nursing, including vital signs, heart and lung sounds, and other assessment skills. - Aurora Obembe – Nursing 
  31. Explore the Diabetic Epidemic Participate in hands-on activities to learn what it’s like to have diabetes and how diabetes is managed. - Breanna Kompelien, Angela Thompson, Gail Ronsberg – Healthcare
  32. Archaeology Simulation This workshop aims to teach about what anthropology is, specifically archaeology, through a short lecture and an exciting dig simulation. - Emily Nelson, Kaitlynn Anderson, Kristen Fellows – Anthropology
  33. Communicating Meaningfully with Numbers Words sometimes are not enough to pass a message across effectively, some form of numbers are required. Students will analyze some media/social media content and be able to tell their stories using numbers. - Blessing Okafor, Margaretwagari Githua - Communication
  34. Mapping Your Whereabouts You will personalize Google Earth by creating an XML file. - Anne Denton, Megan Bouret – Computer Science
  35. Creating Tornadoes Do you want to see how tornadoes form? In a controlled environment, we will set up conditions favorable for tornadoes to form. This will be the closest encounter with a tornado you will ever have. - Adnan Akyuz – Climatology
  36. Food Microbes and You Understanding helpful and harmful microbes in foods through hands-on activities and discussions. - Teresa Bergholz – Biology
  37. Coatings & Polymers in Our World Understanding helpful and harmful microbes in foods through hands-on activities and discussions. - Mary (Mal) Hedrick – Coatings & Polymeric Materials
  38. Physics of Slime & Other Serious Matters Explore the physics of slime, ooblek, and other exciting experiments like building circuits and imaging human DNA. - Brianna Santangelo, Mila Kryjevskaia, Lina Alhalhooly, Rachel Downing, Wasthala Amadoru Jayawardana – Physics
  39. Disease Outbreak Investigation Learn how to trace a disease outbreak to its origin, using your epidemiologic skills. - Danielle Pinnick – Public Health
  40. Who’s Your (Calf’s) Daddy? Learn about parentage verification and other DNA technologies in animal agriculture, plus extract your own DNA! - Lauren Hanna, Alison Ward – Animal Science
  41. Exploring Plant Sciences Learn about how plants grow, affect the environment, and feed the world. - Felicity Merritt – Biology & Genetics
  42. The Dirt on Soil Explore the living wonders of the soil! Using microscopes, students will learn about the microorganisms that live in this underground ecosystem. - Mackenzie Ries – Soil Science
  43. Brain Food Eat your experiments and learn about the science on your plate! A field where food meets chemistry, microbiology, and engineering. - Jane Snelling, Hanna Gross, Madison Gohl – Food Science
  44. How to Train Your Dragon Explore classic psychological principles to behaviorally train animals - and even humans! - Taylor Nelson, Anna Semenko – Psychology
  45. Is Class Participation Deadly? Learn how to use scientific practices to test the hypothesis that class participation can make you spontaneously combust. - Anna Semenko, Taylor Nelson – Psychology
  46. Bats and Birds: Field Methods Handle and discuss common tools of the trade to experience life as a field ecologist researching bats and birds! - Lydia C. Olson Nixon, Anui Ghimire – Biology
  47. See Cancer Cells in Colors Students will stain cancer cells with different dyes and learn to identify different structures in the cells. - Estelle Leclerc, Swetha Thiyagarajan – Biology
  48. Mathematics/Combinatorics: Counting Without Counting Explore the awesome Catalan numbers, some of the cool objects they count, along with transformations between them. - Sara Solhjem, Jessica Striker – Mathematics
  49. Ribbeting Fun(gi) with Citizen Science! Learn all about amphibians and fungi, and how to become a citizen scientist! - Alicia Schlarb, Rebecca Bradley, Alison Long – Biology
  50. Fun with Coding Use an interactive website known as ‘Made with Code’ to code at different levels using blocks instead of writing lines of code. - Sayantica Pattanayak, Simone Ludwig – Computer Science
  51. Insect Jeopardy! Fun, interactive way to learn about bugs. Will also have insects on display. - Mia Park, Liz Cambron, Kayla Earls – Biology
  52. Animal Science Learn about production agriculture by touring Animal Nutrition & Physiology Center and learning about the different animal units and research being done in animal science at NDSU. - Kacie McCarthy – Animal Science

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