Student Opportunities

This page lists opportunities for NDSU students related to cybersecurity.  Please note that links and summaries are current as of the date posted; however, please check with the opportunity sponsor for the most recent information.  To suggest the inclusion of an opportunity for students on this page, please contact us.

Student Programs

ThinkCyber Program - Silicon Valley

ThinkCyber is a program for 20 top cybersecurity students, nationally, that will provide "industry relevant learning experiences that will propel them towards a career in the cyber security industry."  The program runs from July 13 to 16.  For 2019, applications open on April 1 and must be submitted by May 1.

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NSA Student Programs

The National Security Agency (NSA) offers multiple programs for university students.  These include scholarships, as well as internships and co-op opportunities.

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Department of Homeland Security Internship Program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offers students in bachelors and masters level degree programs a 10 week internship.  

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Student Competitions

National Cyber League

The National Cyber League is a capture the flag (CTF) style offensive-side cybersecurity competition specifically targeted at students.  It is hosted online and includes both individual and team competitions as well as a pre-season practice competition and a training area.

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Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

The collegiate cyber defense competition focuses on securing a network against 'red team' attack.  Red team members are industry volunteers.

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MITRE STEM CTF Competition

The MITRE STEM CTF competition is open to high school and college students and is hosted online by MITRE Corporation.  It offers winning teams scholarships, prizes and internships.

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Global Cyberlympics

The Global CyberLympics includes both an online and in-person competition, for the winners of the online competition.  It covers topics including forensics, web application exploitation, system exploitation, malware analysis, reverse engineering, cryptography and trivia.

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Department of Energy CyberForce

The Department of Energy's CyberForce competition is focused on defensive security with energy applications.  For 2019, the competition is on November 15th and 16th and includes a cyber-physical device.

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Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

The Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) provides a workforce-relevant environment for teams to compete in penetration testing a simulated network.  There are four regional competitions and a national competition.  The central region's regional competition is hosted by Tennessee Tech on October 11th to 13th.  The national competition is November 22nd to 24th in Rochester, New York.

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National Cyber Cup

Hosted by the National Cyber Summit conference in Huntsville, Alabama, the National Cyber Cup is an on-site capture-the-flag (CTF) offensive-style competition.  The competition offers scholarships to the winning teams.

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NDSU Cybersecurity Conference

The NDSU Cybersecurity Conference is held during spring break each year and offers numerous industry presentations and several keynote speakers.  A special discounted rate for students is available.

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Dakota State University DakotaCon

DakotaCon combines presentations, training sessions, a capture the flag (CTF) event and the regional competition for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.  Located at Dakota State University in Madison, SD, the event was on March 29th to 31st.

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Bismarck State College - CyberCon

A new cybersecurity conference at Bismarck State College in Bismarck, North Dakota.  

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National Cyber Summit

The National Cyber Summit combined industry presentations, academic / research presentations, a job fair and a variety of training sessions.  In 2019, it runs from June 4th to 6th.  It offers a discounted rate for student participants.  This conference also hosts the National Cyber Cup.

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Hacker Halted

Hacker Halted is an annual IT security conference hosted by EC-Council.  For 2019, it is on October 10th and 11th in Atlanta Georgia.  Because NDSU is an EC Council Academia Partner, our faculty, staff and students can participate in this event at no charge.

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Online Resources

O’Reilly Safari Collection

NDSU subscribes to the O’Reilly Safari Collection which contains numerous computing and cybersecurity titles.  

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CTF Time

CTF Time is an online list of capture-the-flag (CTF) style competitions.  

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Capture the Flag 101

A website that provides information about how to get started with capture the flag (CTF) competitions.

Cybersecurity Scholarships at Scholarships.Com

Scholarships.Com lists several scholarships for cybersecurity students.

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Cybersecurity Scholarships at Cyber Security Degrees

Cyber Security Degrees maintains a list of cybersecurity student scholarships.

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SANS Cyber Fast Track

Cyber Fast Track is an online game for college students with educational benefits and potential prizes for top performing students.

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Skillset Test Preparation

Skillset is an online test preparation website for industry examinations.  These include CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker, CHFI - Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.  A free option is available, in addition to paid plans.

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Scholarship Programs

Morphisec Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

Three scholarships available to women pursuing degrees in cybersecurity and related fields (explicitly including computer science) in the amount of $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

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DoD Cyber Scholarship Program

The Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program (DoD CySP) provides students with a scholarship covering their tuition, fees, books and several other types of expenses.  Additionally, it provides students with a living expense stipend while studying.  Students, in turn, incur a commitment to work for the federal government.

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DoD STEM Scholarships

The Department of Defense offers scholarships to students in a number of STEM fields, including Computer Science and Cybersecurity.  These scholarships are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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INFOSEC | CompTIA Cybersecurity Scholarship

INFOSEC and CompTIA are providing scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students.  The scholarship covers enrollment in a Network+ and Security+ Bootcamp and an additional online course selected by the student applicant.  Testing vouchers, covering the testing fee for the Network+ and Security+ exams, are also included in the award.  Applications are due on August 31, 2019.  Applicants must be pursuing an associates or bachelors degree.

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Career Fairs

CAE Virtual Career Fair

Open only to students of National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense and Cyber Operations students (NDSU is a CAE), this exclusive online career fair can help connect you with companies and agencies in search of top cyber talent.

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3CS Job Fair and Career Exploration

This is a job fair specifically targeted at cybersecurity students.  It is hosted as part of the Community College Cyber Summit.  The job Fair is during the afternoon of July 30, 2019 at Bossier Parish Community College.  It is followed by an evening reception at the Horseshoe Hotel.  Travel support is available, via a NSF grant, for students to attend.  Applications for the travel support are due May 22, 2019.

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Cybersecurity Certifications

GIAC Certifications

Affiliated with the SANS Institute, GIAC offers certifications in cyber defense, penetration testing, incident response and forensics, management / audit / legal, and development.

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CompTIA offers several cybersecurity-related certifications including Security+, PenTest+, CySA+ and CASP.  They also offer foundational certifications such as A+ and Network+.  NDSU is a CompTIA Academy Partner.

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Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers the Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate certification as well as several certifications related to their firewalls.  NDSU is a Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy.

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Cisco Certifications

Cisco Systems offers several cybersecurity-related certifications including CCNA Security, CCNA Cyber Ops, CCNP Security and CCIE Security.  NDSU is a Cisco Networking Academy.

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EC-Council offers a variety of cybersecurity-related certifications spanning numerous areas including penetration testing, response and other topics.  They are perhaps best known for the Certified Ethical Hacker certification. NDSU is an EC-Council Academia Partner.

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Miscellaneous Programs

Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary

The Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary is a volunteer organization designed to increase the Marine Corps cyberspace readiness.   It is a "cadre of highly-talented cyber experts who train, educate, advise, and mentor Marines to keep pace with constantly-evolving cyber challenges."  It will help with training and simulation exercises, but not actual missions.

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