Kimberly Austin, Florida International University
Warren Christensen, mentor
A categorical approach for analyzing interdisciplinary curricula

Rachel Barker, William Woods University
Tara Slominski and Jenni Momsen, mentors
Context and reasoning: The resistance to “resistance”

Katherine Carman, Drake University
James Nyachwaya, mentor
General chemistry students' conceptual understanding of dissolving and associated phenomena

Hannah Creasey, Lewis & Clark College
Kimi Booth and Lisa Wiltbank, mentors
Doctor's orders: Student perceptions of antibiotic resistance and authority

Chaelee Dalton, Pomona College
Brian Farlow and Warren Christensen, mentors
Multivariable calculus textbook analysis highlights a lack of representation for non-Cartesian coordinate systems

Emily Frederick, University of North Florida
John Buncher, mentor
Using module analysis to identify patterns in students’ responses when adding and subtracting vectors in arrow format

Courtney Gelety, West Virginia University
Jeff Boyer, mentor
How do learning assistants spend their time during class?

Shelby Kurtz, Brigham Young University
Rachel Salter and Jenni Momsen, mentors
Plants vs. Zombies: Effects of item context on student reasoning about natural selection

Ella Lee, South Dakota State University
Kimi Booth and Lisa Wiltbank, mentors
Which came first, the chicken or the “superbug”? Change in student perceptions of antibiotic resistance

Tatjana Scherschel, Colorado School of Mines
Kurt Williams and Jenni Momsen, mentors
Exploring classroom collaboration with social network analysis

Jordan Brainard, North Dakota State University
Warren Christensen, mentor
Prevalence of biomedical examples among students enrolled in traditional and IPLS-focused algebra-based courses

Megan Schwalbe, North Dakota State University
Rachel Salter and Jenni Momsen, mentors
Zombies vs. plants: The effects of context on student explanations of natural selection

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