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Jessica Cortez, Oklahoma State University
Kimi Booth, mentor
What Would Students Do? How Students Make Decisions Based on Socio-scientific Issues

Ana Evenson, North Dakota State University
Kimi Booth, mentor
Changes in Student Vaccination Reasoning as the Pandemic Progresses

Samantha Gisi, North Dakota State University
Warren Christensen, mentor
Identifying Resources for Integration Across Math & Physics

Makenzie Jones, University of Northern Iowa
James Nyachwaya, mentor
Student Data Interpretation and Analysis Skills and Understanding of Intermolecular Forces

Onora Lancaster, Kalamazoo College
Johnny Nguyen and Danielle Condry, mentors
Identification of Misconceptions via Concept Inventories

Reagan Lathem, Fort Hays State University
Katie Wissman, mentor
Let's Get Mixing With Interleaving

Brandon Lowry, Colorado State University
Tara Slominski and Jenni Momsen, mentors
They didn't mean it that way: Exploring the effect of context

Idris Malik, The Ohio State University
Warren Christensen, mentor
Investigating Student Use of Representation in Quantum

Kristen Rodenhausen, University of Nebraska Omaha
Nekeisha Johnson and John Buncher, mentors
Development of a Rubric to Assess the Effects of the Types of Vector Operations and Alignments on Student Errors

Jessica Searl, Union University
Warren Christensen, mentor
Unpacking Grading & Feedback in Upper-Divison Physics

Teri Tran, Georgia State University
James Nyachwaya, mentor
General chemistry students' language fluency in the context of precipitation reactions

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