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Yeanoor Chowdhury, St. John Fisher University
Marley Lund-Perterson and Kimi Booth, mentors
Motivations and Barriers for COVID-19 and Influenza Student Vaccination Decisions

Mateo Cacheiro, Tennessee Technological University
Nekeisha Johnson and John Buncher, mentors
Using Factor Analysis to Explore the Structure of a Vector Assessment

Santiago Duque-Baird, Arizona State University
Tara Slominski, Emily Hackerson, and Jenni Momsen, mentors
Judging a Class by Its Syllabus - Students' Initial Impressions of Courses and Professor

Megan Gibas, Case Western Reserve University
Ariana McDarby and Alexey Leontyev, mentors
The Implementation of Alternative Grading Among Chemistry Faculty

Jordan Gomez, Amherst College
Alexander Knopps and Kathryn Wissman, mentors
Can I Have Your Attention? Interim Testing Alleviates Mind-Wandering During Lecture

Brianna Huynh, Pomona College
Warren Christensen, mentor
Investigating Faculty Motivation for Grading in Math & Physics

Aliza Jacobs, University of Maryland
Nekeisha Johnson and John Buncher, mentors
The Beginning of a Vector Skills Assessment: Instrument Revision

Soren Miller, St. Olaf College
James Nyachwaya, mentor
Examining Student Peer-to-Peer Questions During Collaborative Activity

Benjamin Woolen, Northeastern State University
Wil Falkner, mentor
Is Science Lab Worth It?

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