We are so excited that you are at NDSU!! 

Thrive@NDSU is a weekly messaging series to help new NDSU students continue their orientation to our campus.  The messages will provide brief and timely information about processes, resources, and campus culture. 

8/1/2023 Thrive Message:What you need to know, when you need to know it

8/7/2023 Thrive Message:Are you Prepared??

8/14/2023 Thrive Message:Transition Steps

8/21/2023 Thrive Message:You Belong Here: Building Your Community

8/29/2023 Thrive Message:Getting your Ducks in a Row

9/05/2023 Thrive Message:Tech Check

9/11/2023 Thrive Message:Working the Plan?

9/18/2023 Thrive Message:Working and Connecting with Faculty?

9/25/2023 Thrive Message:Wellness Check

10/03/2023 Thrive Message:Preparing for Advising

10/10/2023 Thrive Message:Finance Check

10/16/2023 Thrive Message:Right Major?

10/23/2023 Thrive Message:Dropping vs Withdrawing

10/30/2023 Thrive Message:Reporting and Resolving Complaints

11/06/2023 Thrive Message:Volunteering is a "WE" Thing

11/15/2023 Thrive Message:Social Network Check

11/20/2023 Thrive Message:Managing Holidays

11/27/2023 Thrive Message:Finish Strong!

12/04/2023 Thrive Message:Sleeping and Eating Encouragement

12/12/2023 Thrive Message:Core Values and Reflection

12/18/2023 Thrive Message:Break Sweet Break

1/8/2024 Thrive Message:Welcome to Spring Semester!

1/16/2024 Thrive Message:Needing a Change and Getting Involved

1/22/2024 Thrive Message:Scholarships, Financial Health, and Student Housing

1/29/2024 Thrive Message:Dreaming of Summer and Winter Wellness

2/05/2024 Thrive Message:The Backup Plan

2/12/2024 Thrive Message:Classes on Track?

2/19/2024 Thrive Message:Preparing for 24-25 Advising

2/26/2024 Thrive Message:The Free Speech and Inclusion Paradox 

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