State Program Approval

All North Dakota initial teacher education licensure programs and advanced licensure programs must be reviewed on a seven-year cycle. Without this approval, the candidates would not be licensed in North Dakota. ESPB is responsible to continually review the North Dakota standards and procedures pertaining to licensure and program approval.

ND Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB)

Teacher licensure in the state of North Dakota is regulated by the Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB). Information about the process of applying for licensure can be found at their website:

Note: Completion of academic degree programs in education does not guarantee licensure, certification, credentialing, or placement of our graduates. A graduate who seeks licensure, certification, and/or credentialing in any state or jurisdiction needs to check the specific requirements for that state or jurisdiction and, if needed, discuss the policies with their advisor or the certification officer.

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