An Introduction to Our Program

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

To provide an interdisciplinary academic program focusing on gender equity and fostering social justice.  The program strives to meet the following objectives:

  • Teaching: NDSU’s WGS program provides an interdisciplinary understanding and approach to feminist scholarship to enhance the aspirations of students and expand their voices and participation in the achievement of a gender equitable society. 
  • Research: NDSU’s WGS program supports the creation of new knowledge in Women and Gender Studies and related fields of scholarship via research assignments in our interdisciplinary major, minor, and Grad Certificate programs. 
  • Outreach: NDSU’s WGS program provides work and internship experiences,  networking, and opportunities for community engagement and activism.



To support innovative and collaborative scholarship and teaching that promotes interdisciplinary expressions of knowledge and socially responsible activism. 


Core Values

  • Collaboration- The WGS program values interdisciplinary, rewarding, and accessible roles for WGS faculty and students in collaborations across campus.
  • Engaged Citizenship- The WGS program values engagement with others outside the classroom to foster social justice and develop inclusive and connected communities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion- The WGS program values a proactive commitment to including a multiplicity of voices and diverse input.
  • Transformational learning experiences: The WGS program offers transformative learning experiences through inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and opportunities for applying acquired knowledge through work and internship experiences.
  • Equity: WGS values a proactive commitment to an equal world where all can thrive.



  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect
    1. Yearly revision of course material and curricula to recognize developments in DEI.
  2. Student Success and Achievement
    1. Grow enrollment in the undergraduate major and undergraduate courses while promoting and enhancing diversity and the success of our majors
  3. Research and Creative Activities
    1. Host the 2025 Red River Women’s Studies Conference and provide opportunities for students to present their research.
    2. Encourage graduate students to publish their interdisciplinary research products.
    3. Mentor graduate students and facilitate their engagement with professional organizations.
  4. Education, Extension, and Outreach
    1. Increase collaboration across campus to create a more cohesive WGS community.
    2. Host speakers (free and open to the public) on relevant current events in society.


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