Program Requirements

Course requirements for the graduate certificate in WGS will build upon existing graduate curriculum, most of which are accessible to all disciplines. This program requires 9 credit hours of elective coursework; 1 credit hour of professional development; a research component worth 1 credit hour; and community project, grant application, or creation of WGS course syllabus worth 3 credit hours, for a total of 14 credit hours.

Elective Coursework

Select 9 credit hours (3 courses) from approved electives (list is not all-inclusive, and some programs are restricted to their enrolled students). 

EDUC 712 Social, Cultural, and Political Dimensions of Schools

ENGL 653 Social and Regional Varieties of English

ENGL 654 Language Bias

ENGL 656 Literacy, Culture and Identity

ENGL 659 Researching and Writing Grants and Proposals

HDFS 811 Developmental Concepts and Theories

HDFS 813 Social and Emotional Development Across the Lifespan

HDFS 830 Issues and Theories in Family Science

HDFS 854 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Developmental Science

HIST 626 Women in American History

PH 704 Leading and Managing Public Health Systems

PH 705 Global Health

PH 741 Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health

PH 765 Cultural Competence in Health Professions

SOC 610 Social Inequality

SOC 612 Sociology of Gender

SOC 617 Sociology of the Family

SOC 624 Feminist Theory and Discourse

SOC 639 Social Change

Mandatory Coursework

WGS 793 Professional Development (1 credit)

WGS 797S Research (1 credit)

WGS 793 Community Project, Grant Application, or Course Creation (3 credits)


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