History of the Program

The Minor

In 1978, the Women's Studies Committee began working on creating the Women's Studies Minor at NDSU.

The committee consisted of:

  • H. Elaine Lindgren, Sociology (Chair)
  • Curtis Amlud, Political Science
  • Katherine Kilbourne Burgum, College of Home Economics
  • David Danbom, History
  • Alice Dickey, English
  • Archer Jones, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Judy Urich, Home Management and Family Economics
  • Jacqueline Voss, College of Home Economics
  • Elizabeth Worden, University Studies

On February 24, 1981, the State Board of Higher Education approved the Women's Studies Minor. The plague below was part of a ceremony recognizing the tenth anniversary of the Women's Studies program. It was presented to the Women's Studies Committee Chair, Jean Strandness, on April 11, 1991.


The Major

NDSU's Women and Gender Studies major was developed by WGS Director Ann Burnett. Burnett proposed the major and name change from Women's Studies to Women and Gender Studies in 2003. The WGS major was approved by the State Board of Higher Education in 2005.

WGS Directors

Dr. Elaine Lindgren, Director (1981-1988)

Dr. Jean Strandness, Director (1988-1992)

Dr. Ines Shaw, Coordinator (1992-1996)

* There was a name change of the program organizer from Director to Coordinator in 1992.

Interim-Coordinator Committee (1996-1997)

  • Dr. Elaine Lindgren
  • Dr. Larry Peterson
  • Dr. Kathleen Slobin
  • Dr. Robyne Williams

Dr. Kathleen Slobin, Director (1997-2002)

* There was a name change of the program organizer from Coordinator to Director in 1997.

Dr. Ann Burnett, Director (2002-2020)

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