This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

Student Gallery

The Women and Gender Studies student gallery is dedicated to showcasing your feminist artistic and literary work!

If are an NDSU student and would like to submit a digital copy of a photo, piece of art, essay, short story, poem, or other work to the WGS student gallery, please contact Erienne Fawcett via e-mail,

Students Thoughts on WGS 112: Introduction to Masculinities

This class is very interesting and gives a different outlook on men and masculinity – Travis

I really enjoyed this class (favorite one of the semester). It allows you to look at important issues in society and talk about them openly. I liked hearing others’ opinions and views that differed from mine. This class opened my eyes to a lot of important topics. – Hallie

Other students should take this class because it really gives you a new way to look at why men act the way they do. It gives you the opportunity to learn about masculinity, and relate it to your own experiences. -- Allie

Students thoughts from WGS 350: Perspectives in Women's Studies

An awesome critical thinking class that sheds light on everyone’s issues, men and women


This class is a rewarding challenge to look at issues from different perspectives


WGS 350 is an interactive, discussion-based class that taught students the impact that gender roles and expectations have on ALL individuals in our society, regardless of anatomical sex or sexual orientation


This class has been the most influential class that I have taken during my four years at NDSU. I have grown as a person. This is the class I am excited to attend.


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