Faculty, Staff, and Allies of Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies at NDSU is housed in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Program governance is the responsibility of the Director, an Advisory Board, and the Women and Gender Studies Faculty.

Director: Dr. Ashley Baggett

The Director is responsible for administering the academic program, and is selected by the Advisory Board for a three year term.

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board includes the Director, the Deans of the sponsoring colleges, representatives from each of the seven colleges, three members appointed at-large, and a student representative.

Name                                                                         Department/College

Ashley Baggett                                                   Director of Women and Gender Studies

Alison Graham-Bertolini                                   English and WGS

Rajani Ganesh Pillai                                          Marketing/College of Business

Erin Gillam                                                          Biological Sciences/College of Science and Mathematics 

Lauren Hanna                                                     Animal Sciences/ College of Agriculture

Phee Jampee                                                      Student Representative, History

Simone Ludwig                                                  Computer Science/College of Engineering

Hollie Mackey                                                     School of Education/College of Human Sciences and Education

Christi R. McGeorge                                           Couple & Family Therapy/ College of Human Sciences and Education

Madi Melquist                                                      Research and Instruction/Libraries

Christina Weber                                                 Sociology


Faculty in Women and Gender Studies contribute to the program from the entire campus. 

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