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Climate and Gender Equity Research Grants

These competitive research grants are awarded to interdisciplinary research teams whose work addresses issues of gender in the academy. The goals are to develop interdisciplinary research teams, engage faculty members in research on gender, and demonstrate the value of research on gender to a gendered institution.


List of awardees


Exploring the Relationship between Mentoring, Leadership, and Climate at NDSU (Part 1; qualitative study)
Investigator Team: Jill Nelson, Education, and Christina Weber, Sociology


Gender Bias in Student  Evaluations of Teaching: Investigator Team: Kathryn Gordon, Psychology and Chris M. Ray, Education Doctoral Programs


Gendered Perceptions of Justice on Campus: Investigator Team: Chris M. Ray, Education Doctoral Programs; Chris Whitsel, Sociology; Pam Emanuelson, Sociology; Claudette Peterson, Education Doctoral Programs; Kara Gravley-Stack, Equity & Diversity


Closing the achievement gap in STEM: Assessing the impact of a values affirmation task at NDSU
Investigator Team:
Jennifer Momsen, Biological Sciences, Warren Christensen, Physics, Erika Offerdahl, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Lisa Montplaisir, Biological Sciences, and Mila Kryjevskaia, Physics. View Abstract


Motivation and Adaptability Factors for Females in the "Leaky Engineering Pipeline"
Investigator Team:
Kathy B. Enger, School of Education and Achintya Bezbaruah, Civil Engineering.  View Abstract

Developing  Gender Equity in Mathematics Classrooms: What Does it Take to Succeed?
Investigator Team:
Angela Hodge, Mathematics/School of Education and Christina Weber, Sociology.  View Abstract


Assessing Toward Equity in STEM
Investigator Team:
  Nathan Wood, School of Education and Erika Offerdahl, Chemistry and Molecular Biology/STEM Education.  View Abstract


Grant Related Events

Understanding and Achieving Accessible Instruction in Higher EducationDr. Tim Cordes PhD, MD4/10/14Evaluation
Climate and Gender Equity Research Grant Pedagogical Luncheon - Stereotyped: The Myth of Simple Classroom Fixes Jennifer Momsen, Shanda Lauer, Erika Offerdahl, Mila Kryjevskaia, Warren Christensen, and Lisa Montplaisir2/12/13Evaluation
Information session on Climate/gender
research program
Information session on climate/gender


Acknowledging Support from NDSU Advance FORWARD

All scholarship resulting from funding programs must acknowledge support from the NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD program sponsored by the National Science Foundation, HRD-0811239. Awardees can use the following acknowledgment statement:

This research (in part) was supported by National Science Foundation Grant # HRD-0811239 to the NDSU Advance FORWARD program.

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Last Updated: Thursday, September 10, 2009
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