Undergraduate Certificates

Human Development and Family Science offers two undergraduate certificates. Students earn these certificates in conjunction with their majors and minors from any area of study.

To add one of these certificates, complete the “Minor/Cert/Advisor Change Form”.

Aging Studies Certificate

Throughout the world, people are living longer than ever before. Aging Studies is a growing field that is relevant to many careers in varying disciplines, and professionals with credentials in this area are in high demand. The Aging Studies undergraduate certificate enables students to learn more about current issues that affect adults as they age. Required courses cover physical, cognitive, social, financial, psychological, societal, and cultural aspects of aging. Students will learn foundational information, as well as how to apply it in real-world contexts to improve quality of life for older adults and their families

  • All courses for the Aging Studies Certificate are available online.
  • Aging Studies Certificate is not available for HDFS majors in the Adult Development and Aging option.
  • You do not need to be an HDFS major to earn this certificate
  • The Aging Studies Certificate will appear on your final transcript

Aging Studies Courses needed:

  • HDFS 360 - Adult Development and Aging (Fall: in person; Spring: Online)
  • HDFS 480 - Community Resources of Later Life (Online Odd Fall Semesters)
  • HDFS 482 - Family Dynamics of Aging (Online Even Fall Semesters)

Program Curriculum for Aging Studies

Family Financial Planning Certificate

The Family Financial Planning undergraduate certificate is designed for students who want to help individuals and families with financial challenges work toward long-term financial well-being. Required courses give students experience in consumer issues, personal and family financial planning, and financial counseling, and are grounded in real-world, hands-on learning opportunities. Students will learn foundational information as well as how to apply it in practice with both individuals and families. Completion of the certificate makes students eligible to take the Accredited Financial Counseling exam, the first step in becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) ©.

  • All courses for the Family Financial Planning Certificate are available online.
  • You do not need to be an HDFS major to earn this certificate
  • The Family Financial Planning Certificate will appear on your final transcript

Family Financial Planning Courses needed:

  • HDFS 186 - Smart Spending and Saving (Fall: Online)
  • HDFS 357 - Personal and Family Finance (Fall, Spring, and Summer: Online; Spring: In person)
  • HDFS 477 - Financial Counseling (Spring: Online)

Program curriculum for Family Financial Planning

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