The purpose of the HDFS Club is to promote educational and professional development among students and faculty through participation in professional conferences, field trips, guest speakers, and volunteer and community involvement. We also aim to promote social contacts among members in order to develop a support system.

“Why should I join the HDFS Club?”
• Become more involved on campus and in the community!
• Meet other students in the major
• Participate in fun and rewarding service projects
• Attend professional conferences
• Learn more about:
o Scholarships
o Field experience opportunities
o Graduate school
o Career options

"How do I join?"

Blackboard is NDSU's Student Organization Portal
1.     Search for us on Blackboard by typing “Human Development” under the Organizations tab
2.     Hover over NDSU-CSO-0135and click the grey arrow
3.     Click Enroll
4.     You are now an enrolled member!

• Two meetings per month
• Discuss club business
• Get to know members with fun activities
• Enjoy guest speakers
• Be involved in skill-building projects

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Group name: NDSU HDFS Club

Faculty Advisor: Leanna McWood
President: Baillee Berg

Student Social Work Organization (SSWO)

The mission of the organization is to encourage professional development and social experience for social work majors and those considering the major, so membership is open to any student on campus.  To carry out that mission, students promote unity and fellowship among the university, the community, and the social work students through service learning activities in the community.  The SSWO-Fargo will also encourage students to expand their educational experiences through guest speakers, panels, conferences, and other activities.  The SSWO-Fargo will also promote the visibility of the MSU/NDSU dual degree Social Work/HDFS program through activities on campus and in the community.  The SSWO-Fargo also develops leadership skills through the officers of the organization, as well as those who chair and serve on committees.

Check Facebook for updates!

Group name: SSWO at NDSU

For further information contact:

2022-2023 Board:

President: Rachel Roers

Vice President: Abby Smith

Secretary: Mikayla Otterness

Treasurer: Alexis Begg

Publicity Officer: Sadie Myrvik

CSO Rep: Abby Smith

Project Officer: Mia Halvorson

Membership Officer Ann Reinke

Committees Chair: Katie Swanson 

Elementary Education Club

The Elementary Education Club is for future educators to meet in an exciting atmosphere to collaborate together and make connections!

Join our Facebook Page!
-  More information about the club, meetings, & job opportunities can be found there!


Making Valentines for the residents at the Good Samaritan Society!

For further information contact:

2022-2023 Board:

Molly Miller: President 

Theresa Rein: Vice President 

Lydia Jorgenson: Secretary 

Fatih Wollschlager: Treasurer 

Kaylee Harles: Public Relations 


    The Elementary Education Club met at Hope Blooms. They arranged over 140 bouquets for the Roger Maris Cancer Center!

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