Why Give?

Your continued investment in our students makes a difference to prepare future professionals who make a difference in people’s lives. We greatly appreciate your gifts to our students and programs.

Through your philanthropy, we can offer scholarships, and so much more to support students and faculty in fulfilling our land grant mission to help our state, community, and region. Thank you for your investment in students, faculty, and programs.

Your support can:

  • make a difference to talented students in becoming highly-skilled professionals, pursuing excellence in their fields
  • provide endowed professorships that enable students to learn from and collaborate with exceptional scholars
  • help maintain and provide constantly changing technology options as students prepare for their future
  • foster opportunities for continued professional learning for faculty and students
  • provide avenues to learn outside the classroom and help the community
  • support research with the potential to positively affect the health of individuals and populations

We welcome your support. Together we can make a difference for students as they embark on their careers to provide expertise and leadership in the field of health and human sciences.

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