Reason to celebrate

As dean of the College of Human Sciences and Education, I believe milestones are to be celebrated. We’re all used to recognizing and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, achievements and new beginnings or adventures. So, when I learned that our college missed the opportunity to recognize their centennial milestone during the height of the pandemic, I decided it’s never too late to celebrate.

The School of Home Economics was officially formed in 1920. It became a college the same year North Dakota Agricultural College became North Dakota State University. Domestic economy and household economics were an important part of the curriculum since the very beginning.

Recognizing and celebrating milestones such as this one provides us with an opportunity to honor our past, share memories and connect with one another, recognize accomplishments and look forward to all the possibilities the future can bring.

The College of Human Sciences and Education plans to celebrate our 100 (plus three) anniversary during Homecoming next year, Oct. 16-21, 2023. Planning is underway and ideas from each of you are welcomed. You can expect to hear more from me about ways we intend to honor our college’s centennial. Mark your calendars and plan to join us because 100 years is reason to celebrate.

Dr. Ron Werner-Wilson, Dean

College of Human Sciences and Education

Phone:  701-231-8211


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