Fall 2022 - Spring 2023


Dr. Anne Denton
Computer Science

Student Members

Griffin Alvarez

Lucas Bierscheid

Avery Jorgensen

Jarron Larson

Bonface Ombaye

Mark Rohleder

Sean Rotich

Faculty Members

Dr. Stephanie Day

Dr. Jerry Gao
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fall Semester:
Liz Carlson
Political Science

Spring Semester:
Dr. Daniel Pemstein
Political Science

Staff Members

Melissa Lamp
Office of the Provost

Jerry Ranum
Extension Ag Communication

Melissa Stotz
Learning and Applied Innovation, Information Technology Services

Ex-Officio members

Marc Wallman
Vice President for Information Technology

Stacy Duffield
Office of Teaching and Learning

CeCe Rohwedder
Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

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