Division-wide Organizational Chart

View the Information Technology Division organizational chart as of March 25, 2021.

Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President of Information Technology

Curt Doetkott, Consulting Statistician
Email: curt.doetkott@ndsu.edu

Enrique Garcia, Chief Information Security Officer
Email: enrique.garcia@ndsu.edu

Jeff Gimbel, Senior IT Security Analyst
Email: jeff.gimbel@ndsu.edu

Diane Harrison, NDSU Card Center Associate
Email: diane.harrison@ndsu.edu

Danyelle Marthaler, Office Coordinator
Email: danyelle.marthaler@ndsu.edu

Wendy McCrory, Program Manager, NDSU Card Center and Software Services
Email: wendy.mccrory@ndsu.edu

Kim Owen, Program Manager, Research and Education Network Resources
Email: kim.owen@ndsu.edu

CeCe Rohwedder, Assistant to the Vice President
Email: cece.rohwedder@ndsu.edu

Kristi Steinmann, Communications and Strategic Partnerships Lead
Email: kristi.steinmann@ndsu.edu

Cassandra Pennings, Student Employee Manager
Email: cassandra.pennings@ndsu.edu

Information Technology Services

Desktop Engineering
Voice and Collaboration Services
Learning and Applied Innovation

Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure

Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST)

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