Division-wide Organizational Chart

View the Information Technology Division organizational chart as of October 20, 2022.

Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President of Information Technology

Marc Wallman, Vice President
Email: marc.wallman@ndsu.edu

CeCe Rohwedder, Assistant to the Vice President
Email: cece.rohwedder@ndsu.edu

Sharon Brinker, Work Management System Coordinator
Email: sharon.brinker@ndsu.edu 

Kim Owen, Program Manager, Research and Education Network Resources
Email: kim.owen@ndsu.edu

Enrique Garcia, Chief Information Security Officer
Email: enrique.garcia@ndsu.edu

Wendy McCrory, Program Manager, NDSU Card Center and Software Services
Email: wendy.mccrory@ndsu.edu


Kristi Steinmann, Communications and Strategic Partnerships Lead
Email: kristi.steinmann@ndsu.edu

Curt Doetkott, Consulting Statistician
Email: curt.doetkott@ndsu.edu

Jeff Gimbel, Senior IT Security Analyst
Email: jeff.gimbel@ndsu.edu

Diane Harrison, NDSU Card Center Associate
Email: diane.harrison@ndsu.edu

Jon Flores, Student Employment Coordinator
Email: ndsu.sec.it@ndsu.edu

IT Division Business Unit

Rhonda Nilles, IT Budget & Cost Accounting Manager
Email: rhonda.nilles@ndsu.edu

Kim Lammers, Business Manager
Email: kim.lammers@ndsu.edu

Information Technology Services

Jason Blosser, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services
Email: jason.blosser@ndsu.edu

Help Desk

Nate Gonser, Help Desk Manager
Email: nate.gonser@ndsu.edu

Neil Brock, Help Desk Assistant Manager
Email: neil.brock@ndsu.edu

Ryley Mullins, Senior Help Desk Consultant, NDSU Downtown Campus
Email: ryley.mullins@ndsu.edu

Courtney Breuer, Help Desk Consultant
Email: courtney.m.breuer@ndsu.edu

Colton Holien, Help Desk Consultant
Email: colton.holien@ndsu.edu

Voice and Collaboration Services

Susan McDaniel, Voice and Collaboration Services Manager
Email: Susan.McDaniel@ndsu.edu

Cindy Kozojed, Telecom Analyst
Email: Cynthia.Kozojed@ndsu.edu

Jayme Pfeifer, Voice and Collaboration System Administrator
Email: Jayme.Pfeifer@ndsu.edu​​​​​

Desktop Engineering & Support

Chad Coleman, Desktop Engineering & Support Manager
Email: chad.coleman@ndsu.edu

Vince Anderson, Desktop Support Specialist
Email: vince.anderson@ndsu.edu

Francisco Hidalgo Ashbaugh, Desktop Support Specialist
Email: francisco.hidalgoash@ndsu.edu

Cole Jackson, Desktop Engineer I
Email: cole.jackson@ndsu.edu

Jim Sellner, Desktop Support Specialist
Email: jim.sellner@ndsu.edu

Jim Senechal, Desktop Engineer I
Email: jim.senechal@ndsu.edu

Michael Wolf, Desktop Engineer
Email: michael.wolf@ndsu.edu​​​​​​​

Learning and Applied Innovation

Melissa Stotz, Learning and Applied Innovation Manager
Email: melissa.stotz@ndsu.edu

Sharley Kurtz, Learning and Applied Innovation Assistant Manager
Email: sharley.kurtz@ndsu.edu

Daniel Erichsen, Interactive Media Specialist
​​​​​​​Email: daniel.erichsen@ndsu.edu

Ademola Amida, Instructional Designer
Email: ademola.amida@ndsu.edu

Lori Swinney, Instructional Designer
Email: lori.swinney@ndsu.edu

Tammy Cummings, Instructional Technology Specialist
​​​​​​​Email: tammy.cummings@ndsu.edu

Lorna Olsen, Instructional Technology Specialist
​​​​​​​Email: lorna.olsen@ndsu.edu

Micah McGowen, Classroom Technology Manager
​​​​​​​Email: micah.mcgowen@ndsu.edu

Trevor McNeil, AV Project Manager
​​​​​​​Email: trevor.mcneil@ndsu.edu

Nathan Hanson, AV Technology Specialist
Email: Nathan.e.hanson@ndsu.edu

Ethan Smith, Classroom Technologies Specialist
​​​​​​​Email: ethan.a.smith@ndsu.edu

Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure

Steve Sobiech, Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Computing & Infrastructure
Email: s.sobiech@ndsu.edu

Greg Wettstein, IT Principal Engineer
Email: greg.wettstein@ndsu.edu

Enterprise Application Development

Richard Frovarp, Principal Software Engineer & Team Lead, Enterprise Application Development
Email: richard.frovarp@ndsu.edu

Trevor Knutson, Software Engineer
Email: trevor.a.knutson@ndsu.edu

Danjel Nygard, Software Engineer
Email: danjel.nygard@ndsu.edu

Steve Templeton, Software Engineer
Email: steve.templeton@ndsu.edu

Enterprise Systems

Jason Eide, Manager of Enterprise Systems
Email: jason.eide@ndsu.edu

Jon Bronken, Assistant Manager of Enterprise Systems
Email: jon.bronken@ndsu.edu

Tim Mooney, Sr. System Administrator
Email: tim.mooney@ndsu.edu

Brian Kennedy, System Administrator
Email: brian.kennedy@ndsu.edu

​​​​​​​Verlyn Sandhurst, System Administrator
​​​​​​​Email: verlyn.sandhurst@ndsu.edu

Suhan Vethanayagam, System Administrator
​​​​​​​Email: suhan.vethanayagam@ndsu.edu

Gary Whaley, System Administrator
​​​​​​​Email: gary.whaley@ndsu.edu

Enterprise Networks

Pete Lambertz, Director of Enterprise Networks
Email: pete.lambertz@ndsu.edu

Robert Viou, Sr Network Engineer
Email: robert.viou@ndsu.edu

Bruce Curtis, Sr. Network Engineer
Email: bruce.curtis@ndsu.edu

Valerie Nordsletten, Network Engineer
Email: valerie.nordsletten@ndsu.edu 

David Dahl, Sr Network Infrastructure Engineer
Email: david.dahl@ndsu.edu

Kevin Dittemore, Network Infrastructure Technician
Email: kevin.dittemore@ndsu.edu

Nazrin Ferdousi, Network Support Coordinator
Email: nazrin.ferdousi@ndsu.edu

Chad Foster, Network Infrastructure Technician
Email: chad.foster@ndsu.edu

Brian Miller, Telecomm Analyst
Email: brian.miller@ndsu.edu

Nate Robideau, Telecomm Analyst
Email: nate.robideau@ndsu.edu

Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST)

Dane Skow, Executive Director Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST)
Email: dane.skow@ndsu.edu

Nick Dusek, Research Facilitator
Email: nicholas.dusek@ndsu.edu

Khang Hoang, Research Facilitator
Email: khang.hoang@ndsu.edu

Samuel Saula, HP System Administrator
Email: oluwasijibomi.saula@ndsu.edu

Ryan Anderson, System Administrator
Email: ryan.anderson.10@ndsu.edu

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