Program Start to Finish


Year 1: Students spend their first year developing an understanding of how designers make decisions and how landscape architecture determines the built environment via lectures, assigned readings, and design-related projects. At the end of year one, students are selected, based on their GPA and performance in first-year environmental design courses, plus additional submissions, for admittance to the landscape architecture program. 


Year 2: Year two marks the beginning of intense landscape architectural design studio work that lays the foundation for successfully completing a Master of Landscape Architecture Degree. All classroom learning gets directly applied in the studio through individual and group projects. Students must buy a laptop in the fall semester of their second year.   


Year 3: The third-year curriculum focuses on technical aspects of landscape architecture and early graduate-level work. Students are expected to apply these concepts in their studio projects. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 after completion of the third-year apply to the NDSU Graduate School to complete their Master’s degree coursework.


Year 4: Students develop their capstone project (LA 672 and LA 642) and begin full-time graduate-level coursework in preparation for a research and design thesis project. Landscape architectural knowledge, ability, and self-reliance reach their peak as students approach graduation.  


Year 5: The fifth-year of study is an intensive research and design year culminating in the development and implementation of an individual design thesis program, project, and report. 


Professional Curriculum


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